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Proxy Servers

Understanding Proxy Servers | Anonymous Proxies 1337x

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When we talk about proxies, servers’ normal users simply don’t want to put efforts to understand these things. But the problem is that every individual should know that what they are sharing on the Internet & to whom?

Nowadays a user’s data is surrounded by lots of danger, security breaches, identity theft & many more things. More importantly, they don’t know how it is being done. These types of identity theft come from small things on which they have clicked without knowing the risk such as “click & buy one get one free, great deals, buy in $1, & etc.”

Here Proxy servers will help you. Now when you know the risk you will understand the importance of Proxy servers as they help us in many different ways. As of now most of the people know the proxy word because of its use in the entertainment industry such as 1337x, Kat.ph, Pirate Bay, & all. But trust me they have more important advantages when it comes to secure your privacy & not just for entertainment.

What are Proxy Servers?

A proxy server is a software which runs in a computer to act as a mediator between the user’s device & another server from which another user is connected. Nowadays proxy servers & your firewall server system can work together. Well, it depends on you if you want to run the separately you can also do that.

What are the advantages of Proxy Servers?

  • The cache of proxy servers can serve all users.
  • If one or more websites are asked/searched frequently then they are probably in the cache of proxy.
  • It helps to improve the user response time.
  • Via a proxy server interaction can be logged which will help at the time of troubleshooting.

What are Anonymous Proxy Servers?

The anonymous proxy server is also known as CGI Proxies. It is a type of server that works in web form to filter all the internet request via that form by covering your identity.

Now you will think that installing a proxy server is very tough or using them in day to day life is not your type. But that’s not the truth. Using & installing anonymous proxy servers are very easy.

How Does Proxy Server Works?

Your computer’s internet runs on a unique internet protocol (IP) Address. Consider your computer’s IP address as its street address. Now when you will write your correct address your belongings will be sent to the door of your home. Same goes for the internet. They send correct data to correct the computer by using its IP address.

Now the proxy server is itself a computer with its own unique IP address. When you install the proxy server in your computer then your computer knows that a small computer has been installed with its own IP address in the system.

Now when you search anything on the internet your request first goes to the proxy servers first. After that proxy server completes the request on behalf you, collect the data from web server & then forward the required data to your computer’s screen.

What does Proxy Servers Do?

Now when you understood the working of proxy servers you must know what exactly they do to your internet requests.

As I mentioned above when you search anything on the internet after installing proxy servers the request first goes to the proxy server list & then further operations are processed. Now when the proxy servers forward your request to web servers it may changes the data that you have send but expected result will be the same that you desire.

A proxy server can also change your IP address so that web servers will not get the exact location of yours on the earth. It also encrypts the data so it becomes unreadable at the time of transit. They can also block the access of certain web pages depending upon the IP address.

Forward & Reverse Proxy

Forward proxies send the requests of the user to a web browser. You can access forward proxies by surfing to a web proxy address or by configuring your internet settings.

They allow the bypassing of firewalls & also helps to increase the privacy, security of the user.

Reverse Proxies manages all the requests for objectives on appointed servers without sharing any of the data of its user. They help to get indirect access to the websites who restrict direct access due to security breaches. Manages the load balancing between servers. Reverse proxies stream internal content to Internet users.

Types of Proxy Servers?

Transparent proxy

These are the proxies which let websites know that they are proxy. They pass along the websites through your IP address, sharing your IP address to web servers. These types of proxies are used in the library, office, public places to simply filter the content.

Anonymous Proxy

They will also tell the websites that they are proxies. But they will not disclose your identity & will not share your IP address to the web servers.

Distorting Proxy

It gives a false IP address of yours to the web servers & passes along the websites without sharing your data. They also disclose themselves as the proxy to the passing websites.

High Anonymity Proxy

These are the proxies which continuously changes the IP address making it more difficult for web servers to read which traffic belongs to whom. E.g. Tor network/browser

Why Should We Use A Proxy Server?

  • To control Internet usage.
  • Bandwidth savings & improved speeds.
  • Privacy Benefits.
  • Improved Security.
  • Get access to blocked resources

So, I hope you enjoyed the post as well as understood the working & importance of proxy servers. Share this post.

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