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5 things you must learn to raise a daughter

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This article is not about five things you should teach your daughter, simply because no one can teach what they do not know. What you should know is that our children will remember our actions much better than our words. That is why we have decided to list the five things you must learn first, so that later you can teach them to your daughter.

  1. There are no clothes, games or toys that “are not for girls”

    Girls can play with whatever they want and dress as they prefer, there are no clothes or toys more or less suitable for girls, even if the fashion or entertainment industry is bent on making us believe otherwise. Girls can play with dolls and wear beautiful dresses one afternoon and want to be pilots of Formula 1 or Batman to the next. And both are good! The only way to not limit the identity of our daughters is to learn it first.

    2. Girls are no more “weeping”

    If you think that girls cry for everything or are much more sensitive than boys, it is very likely that your daughter ends up crying for everything and being much more delicate than boys. In fact, it is not determined by her sexual characteristics but because of you. You taught her! No, it is not that you tell it explicitly (although it often happens) but that you act by taking it for granted. Do not predispose your daughter’s character or try to adapt it to your prejudices.

  2. Don’t underestimate your daughter’s opinions

    Another thing you should learn is that women have a lot to say and, above all, they have the right to say it. Never, for no reason underestimate the opinions of your daughter or send her silently. The children’s self-esteem is extremely fragile and if she learns that her word has no value or will not be heard she will lose her confidence. Trust your daughter so you can teach her to trust herself.

I actually don’t disagree with any of that.  I have been constantly reminded of how amazing kids are – from the minute they are born.  The miracle of being formed in the womb, the miracle of birth itself, and the miracle of a child developing into a person that walks, talks, thinks, knows right from wrong – it is truly amazing. I also think we fathers can have a big effect with how we support our kids.  I want to ensure my children feel supported.  I don’t always agree with what my kids do, or decide.  And it is my job to tell them that.  And why.  But it is also my job to support them.  It is my job to let them make their own decisions – and this will happen more and more as they get older.  It is my job to let them make their own mistakes, and guide them back onto the right path if necessary.

  1. People are all different including your daughter

    A girl who prefers a soccer ball to a tea set or who spends her afternoons climbing in the trees instead of making clothes for her dolls does not want to be a boy nor will she become a lesbian or one of the prejudices that we often repeat without we figure out. People are all different, some are active and others are passive, some love red and others hate it; gender does not define us, much less children.


  1. Just protect her and tell it you can be ready anywhere and anytime for her

Recent studies on child abuse indicate that in 80% of the cases the aggressors were family or familiar people close to the family. Most parents believe that child abusers are lonely patients who lurk in alleys, when in reality they are ordinary people with whom we live every day. If you want to protect your daughter, it is important that you know and talk to her about it so that she knows that you will always support her and, above all, believe her.

By studying the above five points you will gradually have the right mentality and attitude to educate your daughter. However you are encouraged to read more articles about how to raise a daughter and one of the most recommended is what is said by Feras Antoon, a renowned entrepreneur. You can see what successful entrepreneur, Feras Antoon, has to say about raising a successful daughter. We hope this article can be useful to you. If you need information on other topic such as shopping, maria b replica chiffon, education and also more. Every time incidents of school-related violence occur, my colleagues and I think of the numerous ways we might one day have to use our bodies as barricades to protect the students whom we love dearly from potential other students whom we also love so dearly.





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