How to Build a Landing Page That Will Rank

It’s all about the money. No matter how you sugarcoat your business ideals, the bottom line is you want to profit.

The digital age brought along with it certain demands which, though tough and pressing, are nevertheless rich and beneficial for businesses and business owners who want to maximize their profits.

These demands give investors two lucrative and naked options – to ride with the trend or to set something new. Following the trend is far too different compared to setting the trend. The former allows you to learn from the success stories of your predecessors while the latter, a rich and bolder approach to changes and challenges, allows you to carve your own success story in your field of expertise and helps you create that niche in the industry.

This article aims to help you with the latter option — to create something new for your business. You may have been tied to old business patterns for the longest time that you never realized that your branded business has so much to grow in as far as profits are concerned. You may have thought that the system you have right now is the best one. Yet, your results show otherwise. This is the time to take a naked step. This is not a leap of faith, but a calculated risk.

As Einstein would put it, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. And so, to work on that profit, you need to start setting a new trend. Put those old and archaic strategies away and prepare for better and more explosive results!

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a rich strategy that will move you a touch and a click closer to your target market. To help you visualize, think of the market as the virtual real estate world. Search engine optimization is like taking a billboard and putting your branded advertisement on it. Your message and the billboard will be taken and erected near a building. Having all these in place, a system will create a road and drive traffic to the building (with the billboard). The catch here is that all will be done on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

By combining your brand into search engine optimization tools, you can actually place your branded output before your market; do the same within one to one hundred fifty-eight (158) countries, with guaranteed views. The best part of the equation is that your brand will be the only message seen by the user, totally no competition for the user’s attention. You have the entire playing field to impress with your persuasion.

What is a View?

A view is when your market sees your brand and your message. It is achieved by getting your brand and your message into the hands of your market in such a way that they will have fun seeing it.

Understanding how rich views work in advertising is as important as how your market sees your advertising strategies. Most of the time, views can be guaranteed if you have chosen the right keywords, balanced the same to maintain the right keyword density, and also enabled to lead clicks to land in the appropriate landing pages.

Traffic First Before Conversion

For keywords to work efficiently, make sure you understand how conversion works and what the role of organic content is in the whole SEO equation.

The principle behind getting unbelievably high conversion is to be able to lead people to you arrives at your page. Conversion will only happen when there are visitors. And how do you entice visitors to come to your page? The answer is you have to have content which can generate traffic for your site. These kinds of content are actually those which place higher in search engine rankings.

Incorporate Collapsing Divs

One of the easiest tricks to improve conversion is to incorporate collapsing divs in your content. Remember that not all great content results in traffic and improved search ranking. To drive conversion, you must use collapsing divs.

Divs are simple pieces of HTML that segregate and regroup different elements of a webpage. You can collapse a text by using a snippet of Java. The collapsed version allows visitors to open or close it.

The more common types of content which are converted into collapsing divs are FAQs, Reviews, infographics, and more lengthy discussion of a topic, jargon, or issue.

For instance, your website is about rehab centers in California. You can actually create a collapsing div for this phrase so that the readers can choose whether or not to read more about it. Or, if you have something peculiar to share about rehab centers in California, your collapsing div will allow you to do that.

Make Your Site Linkable

The second way to improve conversion and ranking is to make your site linkable. The more links you get for your site, the better your ranking will become. The main idea here is to translate your landing page into a rich and “linkable asset.”

So, what is a linkable asset? Well, this simply means to make all and any part of your website/page/group into something that your target market may deem as worthy of being a source or a reference.

How Do You Do It?

First, you must know who your target market is. What do they like? What do they enjoy doing? What interests them?

Next, give them what they want. An example would be a free download or a trivia or a valuable information. Just a tip, be artistic in your delivery of these pieces of information. Don’t just copy and paste free information on the web. Package it and make it more palatable to your target market. If people get what they want from your site, they will, in return, consider you as “credible” and “valuable.”

The third and the last step to improve conversion is to utilize social media and make it part of your landing page. Social shares instantly make your presence known to your target market. The more shares you have, the better your placement will be in search engine rankings.

Make yourself visible in all major social media platforms. Be active in these so that your target audience will also be active in sharing your posts, page, and events.

Choose the share features that your target market is active in and place them strategically so that they get clicked easily and frequently.

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