7 Useful Tips for Making Drastic Change to the Website’s User Experience

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In today’s fast-paced world, online-based selling, as well as buying products, has become a popular as well as a convenient choice for both the buyers and sellers. Sellers want to get online as they are looking for cost-effectiveness. With products through e-commerce stores, it is easy to sell products without even having physical existence. All you need is to invest money in inventory or storage for the products and logistics department. There is no need to have physical stores, in case if you want to run a business entirely on the virtual platform.

On the other side, buyers also get excellent advantages of online shopping stores. They can conveniently purchase products by sitting at home in front of their computers. They can browse all the products or services that they need on their computer desktops or handheld devices. Since online shopping has become a popular thing, today it is essential to invest time as well as money in the process of making the online store more robust. The ultimate aim should be providing a better user experience (UX). Both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the most important aspects of e-commerce businesses.

To enhance the user experience, here are some tips that e-commerce business owners can follow. These are some of the sure ways of making a website more user-friendly with the following enhancements in the user experience.

  1. Using White Space

A site should come with enough breathing areas. Too many elements throughout the website, the interface makes the whole website interface to appear crowded as well as clumsy. Thus, a site should look fresh, unique and furnished with a lot of breathing space. There should not be a lot of design elements. The text content should be crisp as well as informative. All these attributes of a website will enhance the user experience. The visitors to your site would find it to be quite convenient.

  1. Work on Website Loading Speed

Loading speed of the site is the most important thing. You need to work on it carefully. Make sure that website pages load fast so that users do not find any issues in using the website or navigating the website data or webpages. For enhancing website loading speed, here are the things that you can check:

  • You can improve loading speed with the careful use of images. Using fewer images is key. Nevertheless, you must use low-resolution photos; otherwise, pages will take a long time to load.
  • You can significantly increase website page loading speed with the right choice of web servers. Having a proper web server is essential. You need to make sure that you choose dedicated server hosting for your website instead of selecting a slow shared hosting service. Nevertheless, VPS is also a good option.
  1. Call to Action

For enhancing the user experience or UX design, you need to push users to try the innovative things that you share on your website. For example, to make a better understanding of your products, you may put on explainer videos on the site. However, many web visitors may choose to ignore the videos. As a result, they would come across a lot of hassles in making a selection of the right products. To make the website visitors see your videos for a better understanding of the products, you need to add a call to action to your website. With the right call to action in the right places, the user experience can be enhanced immensely. The call to action should be meticulous. It must not sound rude or commanding, as visitors would not like that at all.

  1. Using Bullets on the Text Contents

Text content is an essential part of your website. It helps in to deliver information to the website visitors. For example, a person would like to purchase a product from your online store. He would check the text content associated with the product on your website. He would want to check product specifications, description, pricing, guarantee, and other various aspects. To make the contents easier to understand, it is essential to go for bullets. Using bullet marks is critical. It makes the content lucid as well as more information-centric. Eventually, it helps to enhance user experience immensely.

  1. Right Use of Images

You need to use images on the website for obvious reasons. If you do not put on photos of the products or services that you sell, the overall saleability of products or services will drop drastically. So, images are crucial, but you must use them meticulously. The right use of photos is an essential thing. On a website, images should not be too large or even too small. There should not be any visibility problems from the perspective of the website visitors. Image size should be as low as possible, and the resolution should be around 120 – 150 PPI. High resolution would make images bulky in size, and they would not load quickly. However, the resolution should not be too low so that images would lose their detailing.

  1. Find the 404 Links

It is important to omit the errors in the website, and due to some technical glitches, some pages may show up missing. For a missing page, 404 error will appear on the screen. That is a standard error, and it can happen due to many reasons. It happens when you have not uploaded a particular web page. It can also occur when there is a wrong definition of the link path. So, you must spot and omit 404 errors for better user experience.

  1. SSL Certification

With secured SSL certification, the user experience can be drastically enhanced. This certification will help to keep website data safe as well as confidential. Leaking of personal data and tracking web activity is something that no user likes.  That is the reason why SSL certification can enhance user satisfaction.

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In conclusion, we can say that user experience is the most crucial aspect of a website these days. Thus, website owners should spend the time to plan for delivering a better user experience to users.

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