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Tricks to Perform Better in Personalized Search

Tricks to Perform Better in Personalized Search

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Tricks to Perform Better in Personalized Search
Tricks to Perform Better in Personalized Search

Google has come a long way in personalizing search results. SEO executives are often in a fix about ways to personalize search results. Here are some tricks that you can implement to enhance your personalized search:-

Find out the details of logged-in-visitors

First and foremost, try to track the location of the searcher. Also, find out the exact type of device and OS the person is using. If you are using a Google Calendar, then Google will include a few things that they will find the data of your calendar and show you inside search results when you look for specific details.

For example, if you have an upcoming train journey and you look for the platform number or search about the train, they may show you that you have a train tomorrow at 3.00 pm to Chicago. There are also some browser specific forms of searches such as search history, and things that you have clicked on in search results.

Unlike popular perception, Google+ isn’t dead. It can still appear in the bottom of search results if you are logged into Google+ and someone you are connected to shares a link or posts with keywords that you were looking for. The results will have a higher search ranking if Google finds them more relevant.

What about logged out visitors?

If you are logged out, you still do have some ways of personalizing. Though the results may be different from what you find in a completely new browser with no applicable location, on a different device with a different search and visit history. Though you will not have access to anything to do with search or visit history, you will still have details related to location and device.

As a result, there may be occasions when a mobile device will get results that are different from a desktop device. Different locations will have different results as compared to other locations.

So how to perform better in personalized search?

Let potential searchers know and fall in love with your brand

One of the best ways to enhance your performance in personalized search is through creating an interest among potential searchers to know about your brand and domain before placing a query.

If people whom you have led to your site in the past through other forms of navigation and searches, then you will find yourself higher up in personalized results due to fact that they have visited your site in the past. If you keep getting high rankings in search results, it will be more beneficial for you in the long run. People will click through your site, and if they find the information worthy, they won’t go anywhere else.

Gain visibility in all important locations for your business

When it comes to location, you will need to make sure that your site gains relevance in all locations which your business is targeting. Apart from registering with Google+ and Google Maps, you will also have to ensure that your content is focused on the areas that you want to cover. You may also rank well in areas that lie outside the ambit of the area you are targeting through your content.

Share your content on Google+ to reach out to your target audience

Google+ is highly valued by industry experts for earning personalized traffic due to two reasons. The first reason is that you can draw people to your site. Google+ will help you to acquire potential traffic. You can come in search results below anyone who follows you or who is connected to you through email.

Your site may also get noticed when you share emails with someone, in case they are using Gmail and Google+ account, on the right-hand corner you will come across their latest posts on Google+. One of the best ways of connecting with people is by sharing content that you are mailing and receiving from time to time with them.

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