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Virtual Trade Show Booth Best Practices

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Virtual Trade ShowsWith virtual booths, exhibitors no longer have to go to the event site to acquire a sense of booth dimensions and risk mistakes such as printing errors. As virtual events became phenomenally popular, a large number of exhibitors, marketers, and event planners have leveraged the same. It has made it easy to create and maintain booths online, thus eliminating the inconvenience caused during physical booth setup. While the aim of setting up the booth remains the same even in the virtual world. But, a virtual booth is far easier to put up than a physical booth.

A virtual booth in a trade fair allows exhibitors to meet and greet attendees from around the world. It facilitates exhibitors to showcase their offerings to a diverse set of attendees globally and acquire leads. Attendees from any corner of the world can be part of a virtual trade fair and can interact with the booth representative virtually in real-time. The company logo, product/service display videos, and digital documentation are displayed at individual booths. Whereas virtual booths allow exhibitors to efficiently communicate with attendees in a visually appealing setting via audio/video/text chats and develop long-lasting business relationships.

In this blog, we will uncover some of the best practices to set up virtual trade show booths to ensure success and achieve the results you desire. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Best Practices to Setup & Manage Virtual Trade Show Booths

We have listed some of the best practices to set up virtual trade show booths to capture leads below. Have a look:

1. Create a strategy for your virtual booth

Deciding upon your virtual booth strategy is the first step. Have a clear objective in hand before you start planning anything. Ask the following questions to yourself before you start creating a strategy:

  • What do you hope to achieve as a result of your participation in the event?
  • How do you intend to achieve your objectives or goals with your virtual booth?
  • What are the requirements and preferences of your target audience?
  • What features you would like to embed in your virtual booths? And so on.

Before making plans, it’s critical to have a discussion with your team about your objectives.

2. Classify the booths as per their categories

Organizing booths into categories makes it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for. Thus, reducing the odds of them missing out on the booth they want to visit during the trade fair. If you are hosting a large-scale global trade show, you can’t opt to categories them as per departments, products, services, or even as per geographies. It will help attendees to easily navigate the booth as per their preferences.

3. Select the booth layout that best suits you

The ease with which attendees may find what they’re searching for and how well the platform lends itself to exploration are both important factors in the user experience. Both of these goals necessitate that you, as the event organiser, ensure that your exhibit hall is precisely laid out. Too many great events go flat because the hall and virtual booth layout aren’t properly framed.

First and foremost, think about how many booths do you need? Although it depends totally on the type of your event.  Look for a platform that allows you to organise an ample number of virtual booths at the event as per your requirements. If you are planning to organise a global trade show, it’s natural to surpass the limit of organising virtual booths.

4. Special attention should be given to booths sequence

One thing is for sure, just like physical events, certain sponsors and exhibitors would prefer more exposure and visibility. In that case scenario, you can do the following steps:

  • Create sponsored billboards in your show hall.
  • Place sponsor booths in the front row that are more in the audience vicinity.

5. Design captivating virtual booths to grab the attention of attendees

If your booth design is appealing, it will instantly grab the attention of attendees effortlessly. And they would like to visit your booth.

With virtual events, you cannot just walk around the event space and hand out pamphlets to attendees in the hopes of attracting them to visit your booth. In a virtual event space, to grab the attention of your audience, your booth must be visually appealing & eye-catchy.

The easiest way to do this is by displaying appealing images, video displays, and more to your virtual booth. Make use of your brand colors for branding, high-quality photographs, and information that has the potential to have a big effect. Also, keep in mind the dimensions of the virtual booth and exhibit area. Also, check that the style of your digital handouts matches the concept of your booth.

6. Curate content that suits your requirements & aligns with your goals

Consider your target audience and the types of content they will find useful when creating content for your booth. The messaging in your content should be clear, simple, and consistent with the objectives set for your organization’s participation in the online event. It is recommended that content development should start as soon as you plan to take part in a virtual trade fair in order to curate an error-free work that converts leads.

Offer documents and an introduction video ahead of time to avoid problems during the event. You can also provide content about your company’s position on important subjects to establish yourself as a thought leader and start a conversation with your audience. Before the event, upload files and links to your booth.

7. Offer various options for networking

Just like physical booths, attendees at virtual booths would like to interact with booth representatives and acquire all the information. Offer various networking opportunities for attendees at virtual booths. Allow them to schedule a call with booth representatives as per their preferred time and have interactions in real-time. Offer live chat functionality and embed external plugins such as WhatsApp at virtual booths. It will allow attendees to interact in real-time via live audio/video/text chats. Additionally, one can even interact with booth representatives via WhatsApp chats.

8. Embed engagement opportunities at virtual booths

 Offer various engagement activities at virtual booths. Just like physical booths, you can incorporate various games at the booth to engage attendees such as spin the wheel, dart game, crossword, and more. Additionally, you can offer them online coupons, branded giveaways, and more to attract the attention of attendees. Thus, resulting in increasing the time spent on individual booths. If your attendees are engaged at your virtual trade show booth, chances of generating qualified leads at the event just get doubled!

9. Instruct and train the team in the right way

Staffing a digital booth is not the same as manning a traditional booth. Exhibitors must understand how to use the platform, set up their booths, make required revisions, and maintain contact with the attendees. As a result, it’s critical to prepare the staff that will be manning the booth on the event day.

Make sure that attendees receive prompt attention from the team assigned at the booth. If a visitor wants to speak with someone, there should always be someone available at the booth during the entire event. Prepare a team schedule and provide time slots to avoid delays.

10. Allow attendees to download collaterals

 Enable your virtual attendees to download e-brochures, PDFs, e-books, and more from your virtual booths. It will help them to seek information relevant information for future references as it stays with them forever.

 11. Follow-up is a must

A virtual event ensures the collection of useful information that can be utilised to keep in touch with guests even after the event has ended. This gives exhibitors another opportunity to convert attendees into leads and seal transactions.

Following up with attendees after the event gets over is critical. It helps in analyzing what they enjoyed at the event and what did not. Based on their conversation at the event, booth representatives can create a message for the guests. This allows exhibitors to customize their messaging to meet the needs of the attendees and build long-term relationships.

Over to You

To achieve the maximum out of your virtual events and set up an impressive virtual booth, leveraging the right virtual event platform is a must. There are ample virtual event platforms available in the market that offers an extensive range of features that helps in recreating live physical event experiences in the virtual world. Select a virtual event platform that allows you to set up 3d virtual trade show booths in an immersive environment and deliver real-life event experiences.

In the above-mentioned article, we have listed some of the top tips to set up and manage virtual trade show booths in an immersive virtual environment. If you were seeking ways to manage virtual booths and are not able to find some, this blog is for you. Hope it helps you out in setting up and managing virtual trade show booths that attract attendees and generate qualified leads out of it. Happy reading!

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