ECommerce Platform for Education

If you are looking for an online ECommerce platform to solve your education needs, then there are many solutions that can help you. You will be able to set up online timetables, book purchasing, book rental, course payment and administration, secure money transactions, work tracking, interaction with other students and trainers through forums and integration with common education tools such as Moodle.

Time Management for Students and Teachers

A great way for students and teachers on your course to manage the time they spend working with others and by themselves is an online integrated timetable. When you sign up for your course or programme, you will be able to mark down all the classes that you are taking so you can easily see what your schedule is. This will also make it easy for you to place in your library and laboratory sessions and also plan your travel times to and from the college or university that you are attending.

If you are taking a course online using distance learning, then it will be even easier to manage your time and many adults who have full-time jobs are doing this in their spare time during evenings and on weekends.

Online Book Purchasing and Rentals

Text books can be very expensive and by setting up a good online system where students and teachers will be able to select the required books, you can offer lower prices because of the coupons, rebates, and discounts you can offer. Because you are tracking all your sales and rentals in a highly-secure database, you will be able to perform analytics on the sales and determine where you can help your students the most by giving discounts where they matter.

You will be able to respond quickly to fluctuations in the market and adjust prices accordingly so you are still facilitating your students while making a profit that will help the course with funds to reinvest in research and development.

Another great way you can set up your ECommerce platform is to provide book rentals to your students. This can be a better solution for those that are not planning to keep their textbooks after they have finished their course or are waiting until their income level increases to where they are able to buy them.

Course Administration and Payment Solutions

Online course administration is also easy with an ECommerce platform solution for education. Your students and teachers will be able to mark their attendance and take down who was present and classes and who wasn’t. This helps during marking periods as there is usually an attendance component of all courses.

The system will also provide highly-secure payment solutions and integration with all the major credit cards, debit cards, and any other payment system that you would like to enable, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Payoneer.

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