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Top 8 New SEO Trends for your website in 2019

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It’s an obvious fact that technology trends subsequently change every year. It’s essential for tech savvy’s and digital marketers to stay up-to-date with the current measures to provide extraordinary performances for their clients. For digital marketing individuals, it is a primary choice to adopt the latest trends for driving more traffic to your website.

Since decades, the use of the Internet has reached the heights, it has become a front line for providing goods and services to the consumers. With millions of people working online, the competitors of each business are finding significant opportunities to take over against their major competitors. Depending upon the situation, the rate of survival also matters a lot, as most of the competitors tend to drive insights to supersede the relevant competitors to attain an online diversity on the Internet.

However, producing a blog or a website isn’t sufficient to maintain integrity in business. To maintain a progressive upholding and search relevancy, you would have to definitely adapt to the marketing strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The best practices of getting involved in SEO are necessary to be taken under consideration for the successful implementation of digital marketing strategies throughout your website while keeping a distinct relationship with Google which is regarded as the complex task. Here we have provided 8 important SEO trends everyone must acquire in 2019 for the progression of their websites, the detailed analysis and research is conducted by the top-rated SEO Professionals of the industry.


  • Progressively Focus on User Intentions

Clearly, understanding the preferences of your target audiences. Do they prefer content comprising of images, or infographics help them to gain a better insight into their brands? What about Videos? Do the targeted demographic audiences are amused by videos or do they keep a glance at the previous work?

To gather a complete understanding of all the relevant objectives is essential to gain success for SEO in 2019.

Eventually, if the website is completely optimized & secured, it will not reach to the top level in the search engine, if it reaches to the wrong target audiences. Hence, the professionals of various fields endorse the SEO Specialists to conduct a survey for target audiences with a major focus on keyword research to acquire optimized results.


  • Comparatively, Analyze Search Engines Rankings

It’s an obvious fact that Google leads in all aspects of search engine rankings. However, Digital Marketers and SEO Professionals are also meant to gain focus on other platforms as well. They should maintain a marketing strategy on improving the search engine rankings of other platforms such as Bing, Baidu, and others. It should be applicable for all medium-sized enterprises as well.


  • Conduct Data Analysis to Collect Structured Information

The additional information that you might view subsequent to the website and the meta description. Let’s take an example, if you are doing research for a restaurant-based business, you’ll not only see the name of a restaurant, but also extra information of the restaurant such as timings, costs, and ranking stars to depict positive evaluations.

Always keep in mind that structured data is an essential element that should be integrated with your website as an ingredient of your SEO strategy to improve your websites Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

With the advent of AI, it might be predicted that Google would get one step further from mobile-first landscape design to an AI First World. In terms of alternations, SEO Professionals should recognize, understand and properly utilize Structured Data to obtain improved rankings on the designated search engines.

  • Prepare Technical Document that briefly explains the overall strategy

One of the most important key factors of Digital Marketing is Content, it is wisely said that “Content is the King of Marketing”, which in true sense boosts your brand identity to upheld the traffic on your website in a synthesized manner. The recent update of Google indicates that the Algorithm used by Google, mainly traces on the content quality, within the contextualization of SEO performances.

However, the evaluation of SEO performance on different websites clearly describes that websites with a relatively high-quality content witnessed higher rankings as compared to those websites comprising of adequate content quality.


  • Develop SEO Marketing Strategies to combat financial needs

Investment in Technical SEO is a complex task for designing and gathering information about the developer’s greatest attention in the rankings of 2019. The technical capabilities of SEO consist of Website’s Performance, JavaScript Coded Programs, along with progressive web apps. In this regard, Google fulfills the requirements of technical SEO also developers should ensure that all the competencies are carried out properly. Yet, practicing some SEO Techniques by yourself would enable you to gain a basic understanding of the concepts, Similarly, if you are new to the industrial market, so it will be better to enquire assistances from Enterprise based SEO Solutions.


  • Merging On-Page Optimization SEO Practices

On-Page Optimization is the practice of SEO to relatively optimize distinct web pages in order to gain more traffic and earn more related traffic to search engines. It is expected that On-Page Optimization will progressively gain more importance in 2019. Some of the reliable and the most effective techniques applied to on-page optimization are as follows:

  • Producing content that answers queries of common users.
  • Evaluating the search rankings to know whether they are producing accurate results.
  • Providing regular clients, the history of their commonly purchased items.
  • Instant customer service support.
  • Integration of chatbots to handle the procedures of customer support.
  • User-Friendly Navigation of the website.
  • Creating a concise fulfillment email.


  • Utilizing NLP Principles for Voice Search

In the last quarter of 2018, voice searches have caught people’s attention, furthermore, their popularity will gather a drastic increase of growth in the year 2019 as well.

As compared to written searches, voice searches are easier and faster. However, to keep them manageable in the coming years, marketers must focus on technical innovations and they should provide a passage of time to adapt to different demographics.


  • Understand AI & ML Principles focusing on SEO

With the rapid advancement of technology, especially in Computing and other related areas, there is a wide boom of Machine Learning going around the globe. Basically, Machine Learning is an emerging tool to enhance the KPI of the SEO Strategies, its beneficial for marketers to implement the concepts of machine learning in their regularly practiced SEO Techniques. Tech Savvy’s strongly recommend machine learning to be considered as a fore-frontier in 2019, moreover, it is predicted that techniques of machine learning are helpful to increase the search engine rankings precisely. The techniques of machine learning not only impacts the data curation life cycle for SEO but also produces satisfactory data analysis and reporting of the SEO Practices.

Author Bio:

This post is written by Stephen James, who is currently working as a Data Analyst at Web Experts, Web design services in Dubai. He has almost 10 years of experience in data management, data analysis with SPSS and MS Excel. His expertise includes Data Analysis, Database Administration, Qualitative Research and Information Management.

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  • Rebeka Justin

    June 11, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Interesting post. I have read a few blogs, and have also watched few youtube videos on getting into rich snippet. But your blog is one of the best ones there is. I will optimize my content this week and see if i can get few of the topics within rich snippet or not. Will keep you posted via this comments. Have a great day


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