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The importance of an interactive website for your Business and How you Can Achieve it

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The number of websites and other resources online is increasing at an exponential rate, thereby increasing competition between companies that launch their website to the public.  For this reason, to guarantee user engagement to your website, it is vital that your website is as interactive as possible.  Below are some of points to consider making your website so engaging and thereby ensuring the success of your website.

Be sure to Publish Captivating content

When browsing and reading online content, users look for content (articles, video or material) which makes them learn new things everyday, reflect or question certain point of views. Your content must be able to captivate your visitor’s interest and urge them to dig deep further into certain matters, or stir their inquisitiveness to browse further into your website in order to get more information.  If you fail to achieve this single task, and then be rest assured that they will never come back to your website instead, they resort to visiting other alluring websites that offer them what your website failed to offer them.

Add flashing headlines News on Your Home Page

Add a flashing headlines news column to the home page of your website with latest captivating news will definitely keep reader coming back for more everyday. News column really helps in making a website look more interactive in nature and update these news column on a regular basis will surely grab the attention of your visitors.

Social Networking Media Engagement

Don’t neglect the power of Social Media Networking. Promoting your business/website on social media platform such as Facebook, Google, twitter and many others would considerably boost up the level of interactivity on your website.  Several companies have confirmed an increase in sales and positive user comments upon marketing their company products and services to Facebook, twitter and other top networking websites.  There is no doubt about it, social networking websites are an excellent way of engaging users since they would be able to post comments and feedbacks while keeping up to date about your company’s latest news and information.

Multimedia Engagement – Sharp Images and Videos

Only text-based sites which lack multimedia resources such as pictures or videos will surely turn-off your visitors.  The more visual your site is, the more it will captivate the attention of your users.  Adding very interesting short videos to your website will surely grab the attention of your users and will guarantee a loyal user-engagement which is the major reason why you started the website in the first place.

Polls, Questions, Contact and/or Feedback forms

Polls, questions Contact and feedback forms have increasingly grown in popularity in this era.  They are also vital tools for user participation in your website, since many people would like to know what other people think about particular issues they would have voted or commented on.  Likewise, they will try their best to revisit your website so as to check for new developments.

Chat rooms

There is a lot of Chat rooms software out there, but there is particular ones that is must have. It acts as if someone is online and will start interacting with the visitors as soon as it notices that a visitor is there on the website. It will ask for your details, your name, phone number, purpose of visit. It will politely record your details and report to the owner of the website.


Squeeze pages are used to capture visitor’s details (first name and email address). The best trick to capture your visitor’s details is by offering valuable products or services free of charge, it can be in form of e-book. You can keep coming by sending weekly or monthly newsletter/updates to the customers/visitors.  The newsletter will contain only the summary and on clicking the links on the newsletter, they will land on your website. This is how to keep your site afresh in their and sooner or later, you will surely those visitors to customers.

Add Online Guest Book

You can add an online guest book where visitors can share comments of each other related to their experience while visiting your website. If your visitor leaves a positive comment about your website then it would help in creating a positive image about your website amongst other users.

Add some interactive games or puzzles

You can also add some interactive games or puzzles in your website if some of your target audience is mostly youngsters and teenagers. This would surely attract the targeted audience to your site. Instead of using some easy free games, it is really better to use some hi-fi games that are tailor made to establish your business brand identity.

Add personalized site search engine tool on your website

Adding a personalized site search engine tool on your website will allow your visitors to search for relevant information on your website by entering specific keywords. The search result will show with a link to each matching page and the visitor can click a link to directly go to the interested section of your website.

Don’t allow all your efforts to be waste due to lack of proper interactive content on your website.  At Stanrich Online technologies, we come up with creative concepts with very effective features, which are sure to hook users to come back to your website several times so as to satisfy their inquisitiveness.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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