The growing importance of social media engagement in marketing and the right way of doing it

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Dominating the search engines is the goal of any SEO campaign because it is the best way of gaining brand visibility. To achieve the goal, marketers try hard to make the websites and the web entity of business trustworthy to Google so that it figures in the top ranks of search results. Among the many different techniques of gaining the trust of search engines, social media engagement plays a very important.

Google picks up social signals to gauge the authority and trust level of websites and is the reason why marketers include social media marketing as an integral part of their digital marketing campaign.  Social media marketing can perfectly complement SEO, and it can work in tandem to provide the best results in online marketing. The purpose of hosting your business on the social media is to create higher engagement that goes a long way in giving rich marketing dividends.

Connecting with a large audience is the most basic need for using the social media for business, but the real rewards come from engagement.  The platform provides enormous opportunities for providing a personalized experience with the brand among consumers that generates positive responses and drive qualified traffic to websites. The social media is not only about sharing content that helps brands gain visibility but also about engagement that helps to build trust for the brands. Any SEO company like Align Digital Marketing Memphis SEO can assist and guide you in creating the desired engagement that forms the backbone of any social media marketing strategy.

Why it is so vital to formulate strategies for improving social media engagement will become apparent on going through this article.

Engagement generates a sense of well being

You cannot be happy if consumers have a look at the content and then forget it but this precisely what may happen if you think that posting content on social media is an end in itself. The action does not yield any results because the reach will be quite low and consequently traffic generation will be poor too.  To make consumers react and take some affirmative action after consuming the content you have to create meaningful engagement that brings them closer to the brand and makes them act in its favor.  The content quality should move consumers and encourage them to interact with the brand more thoughtfully by generating a feeling of well being that results in qualified traffic are reaching the website.

Businesses have to respond fast on social media to address customer needs

Consumers prefer the social media to interact with companies when seeking customer support, enquiring about products or to thank them for some reason.  For long, the social media has been the chosen platform for providing customer service in a personalized manner. Considering that businesses and consumers exchange 8 million messages between them every month on Facebook messenger the engagement opportunities quite overwhelming.  People seeking customer service heavily rely on the social media and it provides enormous opportunities for engagement for marketers that help to generate trust. The speed of response is also significant because failing to meet the customer expectation of receiving a response within an hour can prove detrimental in keeping customers engaged.

Increased loyalty

People love to interact with brands on the social media, and the beauty of the platform is that the word keeps spreading fast. The words keep moving across the social media networks like wildfire, and it provides excellent opportunities for businesses to make the best use of the opportunity for earning a good name for the brand.  Resolving customer complaints on social media gives an edge to businesses in gaining the confidence of consumers that receive instant acknowledgment and enhances customer advocacy thereby reducing churn. When you answer a question on social media, the customer advocacy goes up by 25%. On the contrary, shunning brands on social media can make 30% customers switch over to competitors.

Get real feedback from customers

Customer feedback is critical for making business improvements and keeps them happier, but the input has to be genuine and come from customers to reach businesses directly. In this regard, the social media plays a significant role by allowing companies to interact with customers at a personal level. It helps to build personal relationships with customers and generate empathy besides receiving valuable inputs that help to improve products and services. There is nothing better to hear about your business right from the horse’s mouth.

Challenges of social media engagement

A study carried out to assess the level of commitment for businesses on the social media shows that 96% of posts are promotional leaving only 4% for responses. The results belie the expectation of generating higher engagement on social media.  It points to the fact that despite being aware of the higher possibilities of closer engagement on social media, businesses are still not ready to exploit it to their advantage.  Social media engagement seems to be a daunting task for most companies.

One of the challenges that marketers face is the inability to garner resources to respond to all relevant conversations that create engagement. The second challenge is to control the quality of content and communication by maintaining a consistent tone and tenor that creates a distinct identity for the brand. The third challenge is measuring the level of social media engagement.

Engaging with relevant conversations that has a distinct tone an tenor

None of the challenges are so tricky that marketers have to shy away from it. Instead, it is not much difficult to work methodically to overcome the problems by creating the resources for keeping round the clock vigil on the social media to monitor conversations closely and pick up the most relevant ones for responding on priority. The trick lies in choosing conversations that can impact business.

How you want to present your brand by giving it a human face to it determines the kind of voice that can lend authenticity to the brand. Knowing your audience helps to establish a way of speaking to them that becomes the tone of the conversation.

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