How to optimize your social media marketing strategy for better returns?

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Small businesses don’t have the luxury of making big mistakes. You need to start working on your social media presence as soon as you open doors for business. In fact, according to experts, create a buzz before you launch your brand. People will be waiting in line before you are open for business. If you want people to take notice of your presence, there is possibly no better way than using the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. That is one of the leading reasons over 94% of the small businesses are on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are not just platforms. These are robust tools that all companies should pivot to explore the possibilities of expanding their markets and getting new customers at pocket-friendly costs. Even the paid ad campaigns on social media are not as costly as Search Engine Marketing and traditional advertisements. Social media is the perfect way to use Paid ads to boost organic reach. We agree that social media marketing may not be the easiest, but it is indeed the best strategy to enjoy high returns. You will need help from social media marketing experts. That is why you need to check out the best social media agencies in your locality.

  1. What is your core social network?

When we say social network, we don’t refer to just Facebook like Hollywood. There is an uncountable number of platforms that cater to the different needs of thousands of businesses. Even today, Facebook is the most popular platform for social media marketers, but your company might flourish on other networks you have not yet thought about.

Do you know your customers? For any small local business, the customers are local as well. So, you need to find out where most of the local folks are rendezvousing online. Do they prefer Instagram over Facebook? Their age and occupation will also determine the platform of their choice, significantly.

Miami is famous for its scenic beauty and the stylish crowds. If you are targeting the millennial locals, you will likely find them on Instagram. Your social media strategy should divert the resources towards optimizing the use of Instagram for brand publicity.

1.Understanding the cost to earnings ratio from social media

How much will your social media strategy cost? Finding the price to the t is difficult. It requires extensive planning, auditing, marketing experience and understanding of customer-brand interactions. For most small businesses, the marketing and advertising division is just one person or two people. That is not enough to meet all the requirements for estimating the costs of the process.

The only way you can estimate the cost-effect ratio of the campaign is if you have ideas to measure the ROI. Now, there are hundreds of guides you will find on the search engine and digital marketing blogs. Not all of them will apply to your brand and products. Moreover, there are hundreds of metrics that potentially contribute to the return. So, it is always better to consult a local marketing agency, which can set up the social media ROI monitoring process for you. Check out the best Social Media Agency Miami for some value-adding tips on optimizing your KPI tracking and monitoring strategies.

 2. How do you want to define your presence on social media?

If traditional advertising is like a formal introduction, social media marketing is the informal dinner party. When you host the party, you make sure that your guests have enough chips-and-dips, chilled beers, table games, outdoor sitting, and enough icebreakers for conversations. You introduce them and get them talking to liven up the party.

Several brands invite their followers and bring potential new customers on social media, but they only speak about themselves. These brands are the equivalents of those tedious hosts, who cannot stop talking about their latest big win from mutual funds or their daughter’s ballet recital the whole evening.

The reality is people want to talk about exciting things. They want to talk about sports, selfie trends, hairstyles, fashion, celebrity scandals and so much more. It is always advantageous for a brand to tap into these conversation trends from the web and fuel similar conversations under the umbrella of the brand on any social media platform. Being a local business also gives you the advantage of including local flavors like the international boat show, the Carnival in March, the Miami Beach Polo World Cup and the upcoming film festivals.

3.Working with the right social media influencers

Print advertisements and TVCs always demand a few known faces from the world of Hollywood or a bunch of local celebrities. The cost of production and post-production procedures is quite prohibitive for some small businesses. We have seen companies, who have had to choose between their advertising choice and an upcoming investment opportunity.

Working with social media as your marketing platform eliminates the prohibitive costs of the process. Moreover, you can always work with the social media celebrities or influencers instead of the Hollywood glitterati. They are easier to reach than most real-world celebs, and you can find them on the same platform with a few engineered searches.

The success of an influencer-mediated marketing campaign depends upon your choice of the influencer. Not all social influencers are alike, and you need to find someone who is right for your brand. Someone, who has endorsed a competitor brand might not be your best choice. Look for local celebs, who people might know and come across on the beach, at the mall or inside nightclubs of Miami. That will give your brand an added boost.

Social media marketing for businesses of any size and budget cannot fit into four points. These are the simplest basics that you must always keep in mind while developing your SMM strategy. The way people see your company and products will determine the returns on your investment. Whether it is Coca-Cola or Bud Light, every favorite brand has indulged in social media marketing and advertising in the recent years due to its high potential reach and low expense.

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