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Aligning SEO with user experience – The way to achieve the broader goals of a business

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One thing that digital marketers must realize is that the success of SEO reflects in the business returns. No matter how smartly you implement SEO if revenues do not increase it is a failure of SEO. For generating revenue, SEO should be capable of moving website visitors to take some affirmative action. It means that the measures in optimization have to revolve around users with the purpose of providing them the best experience that motivates them to take some decisive action that brings in revenue for the business. It is pointless to do optimization just for the sake of impressing search engines like it used to happen many years ago. In the initial years of online marketing, the focus used to be on crowding the pages with keywords hoping to earn good ranks without any concern whether users would like it.

Since then, the industry has progressed a lot, and search engines have evolved to keep pace with the changes in search patterns. Today, digital marketers are well aware that SEO exists for assisting businesses to attract and convert the target audience which is more important than merely trying to earn high ranks in search results. Search engines too remain committed to provide the best user experience and continuously keep evolving to make users happier. It is essential to work for the broader goals of business by using SEO as a marketing tool.

For SEO, user experience rules supreme

You need not be an expert in addressing issues related to user experience (UX) however, like any Maligator Media SEO professional and you need to have a complete understanding about the basic principles of UX about websites. In plain words, you should be able to focus on user experience only when you have the visitor in mind. Thinking about you as a visitor will make it easy to understand what user experience is all about. Whatever SEO optimization you do should consider user benefits first, and you have to ensure that users would be happy with it. It is true that we also do many things to please search engines but remember that search engines want us to do those things because they know that users would be happy with it.

Therefore, for marketers as well as search engines, user experience rules supreme, and you have to adhere to the best practices for providing the best user experience.

Keyword research

Arguably, keyword research might not be one of the best practices in SEO but very much essential because it provides the foundation for many other best practices. Any online marketing campaign starts with keyword research, and it is imperative because it impacts various marketing touch points like the web design, navigation, content and messaging. Keyword research forms the blueprint of your digital marketing efforts and drives every decision about online marketing. It is important because it makes optimization activities more efficient that lends more strength to SEO. To drive traffic to your website you have to know the relevant keywords that can make the audience move.


Comprehending searcher language

Every business uses a style that is typical of the industry niche to which it belongs, but searchers would seldom be familiar with it. Searchers use their language to describe things related to the business that they feel interested about. Marketers have to understand the searchers’ language so that they gain valuable insight about how searchers think about the business offerings like products and services. By undertaking keyword research, marketers come to know the words that searchers use to describe what they want and even point to the problems they face and the solutions they are looking for. This information becomes very useful at a later stage for creating content that users would find most useful.

Understand searcher intent

Do not make the mistake of taking search terms by its face value because not all keywords and phrases mean what we make out from the surface. The most important aspect to understand is the purpose of using the keyword phrase that tells about user intent. The same search term might have different user intent. For example, the search term ‘link audit’ can have two different searcher intents. Someone may use it when searching for SEO firms that can conduct a link audit while some others might use it to know how to do it on their own. Understanding the intent will help to present pages to searchers that contain the appropriate information.

Encourage viewers to become visitors

Ranking high in search results increases the chances of viewers clicking on the link that leads them to your website, but there is no guarantee that they will click on it. It is a possibility that people would click on high ranking sites when all other things are equal. However, it is also possible to entice viewers to click on your link even if your position is below many others in search ranking. The trick lies in impressing viewers by using the language that they get attracted to that encourages them to click on the link. Knowing how to draw viewers regardless of the position in search results will keep you ahead in the race of driving more traffic to your website.

Sustain visitors’ interest

Now that viewers chose to click on your website by surpassing others it is critical to sustaining their attention as they land on the website page. Visitors would like to find the things that they are looking for as quickly as possible instead of spending too much time to figure out where to look for. If they do not find what they want within a few seconds, they will leave the site immediately. Make sure that the visitors feel comfortable the moment they reach the site and derive the pleasure of reaching the right place. Sustaining the interest of visitors would ensure that they engage closely with the website that enhances the prospects of conversions.

Do not forget to insert a suitable call to action (CTA) in the pages that work as catalysts in inducing visitors to take some action that is beneficial for generating business.

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