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The Essentiality of a Regular SEO Check-up of Your Website

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Be it for readership or SEO or even both, performing a regular SEO check-up of your website is essential. The site just as a car needs proper maintenance in the form of significant revamping or small adjustments to boost up the search engine optimization and thereby help you to remain in positive favor with top search engine indexes. Time to time maintenance will assist in preventing key search engines such as Google and Yahoo amid others to drop and ban your website from its index.

The best part is it will ensure that your customers and visitors have an experience on your website that is pleasant and easy. Having frustrated and confused prospects will be the last thing that you want as it will stop effective navigation of the site.

The Need for Regular SEO Check-Up

Below are some vital reasons why using an SEO checker for a regular SEO check-up is essential,

  • Check SEO Firm Errors- To boost up your natural listing, you often hire an SEO firm. They will help you to gain more traffic on your site and increase more sales by boosting up the manner in which search engines discover your site. The sad part is, most of these companies use practices which are against the search engine policies. Through keyword stuffing, doorway pages, hidden links, and sneaky scripts there are high chances that Google may ban your website. Post-hiring an SEO firm ensure to keep track of the improvement work which they have performed. Also, check the other improvements made on the site.
  • Review the Links and Site Structure- Your fundamental aim is in converting visitors into paying customers. Ensure that the design is simple and has clear navigation. While building new pages often a webmaster will use the present page as a template and updating the meta tag information may skip from their mind. Ensure to check that every webpage comprises of unique metadata because duplicate data will take a toll on search engine rankings. Also check the links on your website regularly. With the growth and development of your site, the URLs will change frequently, and the web pages will be updated. Ensure that every menu and especially the sitemap has accurate links post performing the changes. Over time links are overlooked during upgradation of software mainly forum software or blogging, and during the process often the files are deleted or renamed.
  • Check Broken Links- As mentioned above the same holds true in case of images as well. Thus, you must often check to make sure every file name is correct and visible on the website. Along with not serving your visitors properly, you can also lose prospective traffic due to broken links. Besides it can impede the search engine spiders against gathering accurate and complete information concerning your site, and as a result, this may hamper the ranking. One of the best ways of checking broken links or other programming issues like duplicate meta tags will be through Webmaster Tools. Along with helping you in maintaining your site this SEO checking tool will also offer verified website owners with a free service which will keep them updated when it comes to the Google rank status, the sites linking on your website, top keywords for the website amid other helpful features.
  • Content Editing- Any content that you post must be concise and clear. Penning down a good copy needs the utilization of correct grammar and an easy to read and smooth composition style. Always remember that you must not stuff the content with lengthy paragraphs and wordy descriptions. Web users generally are impatient by nature, and if your content fails to hold their attention, there is another site just a click away.
  • Appropriate Keyword Optimization- Ensure to include keywords in the content which will help Google to find your website. Overstuffing with keywords is a big no. The correct proportion should be 3-6% density within the body of the text for accurate indexing. The key phrases and keywords that you use should get noticed and indexed via the search engine bots. When you implant the keywords properly, it will prove beneficial yet improper use of keywords may ban your site.

All About Meta Tags, Keyword Stuffing and Hidden Text

  • Meta Tags- Use the Meta tags sparingly and avoid filling it with unnecessary keywords. You need to include a few carefully considered keywords which relate to every web page or your business.
  • Keyword Stuffing- Stuffing your content with keywords is a crime and regarded unethical via search engines. The potential places for stuffing keywords will be meta tags, the text of the content and also text boxes, ALT tags, image, and HTML coding.
  • Hidden Text– Avoid using hidden text. Should your content have any hidden text, fix or remove them. SEO firms or sneaky webmasters will hide a part of the text generally keywords in a background having the same color as that of the text.

Do not be mistaken; Google has ways to discover sites which ignore or disregard the search policies blatantly. Understand that your site is getting monitored via sophisticated algorithmic technologies through major search engines. Invest quality time and care for ensuring that your site complies with technical guidelines and search policies. Through SEO checking tools you can get easy and quick access to all vital facts pertaining to the visibility of your site on leading search engines. To rank high on the SERPs (search engine results pages) is critical for your website’s success.

As it throws light on attaining higher rankings organically instead of paying for the advertising, SEO has turned into a vital discipline in the current modern online marketing. The latest SEO checkers will show you where precisely the site is placed along with revealing the areas which need further optimization. Post receiving your website search engine optimization analysis, right away you will be placed well for making all the necessary adjustments for your site in climbing the rankings in search engines and be found by target audiences more efficiently.

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