Do Not Just Make An eCommerce Site, But Reap The Benefits

Make An eCommerce SiteThere are several different types of e-commerce, the most prevalent being B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer) and C2C (consumer-to-consumer) e-commerce. Furthermore, mobile commerce in the shape of buying and selling goods and content via mobile devices such as smartphones is also on the rise.

Current e-commerce statistics state that 40 percent of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices. This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers and is projected to continuously grow.

Have you forgotten to use personalization?

Make An eCommerce SitePersonalization is one of the strongest tool in eCommerce development and as per statistics around 38% of the marketer do not use personalization.

According to a research report form Redeye, which was about finding the tactics to increase the conversion rate of websites. Along with that there are tools and other marketing processes involved which can improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

According to this statistics only 62% of the total online eCommerce portals make use of personalized coupons and discounts.

Have you opted for Personalised recommendations?

Personalized recommendations seems to have a very strong hold on eCommerce websites and as per a survey by Barilliance, 31% of the total revenue was due to personalised recommendations.

It was found that the recommended products were sold of 5.5 times more than the normal product displayed on the website. Apart from that the above the post recommended above the fold were 1.7 times more effective than those beyond the fold.

It was further deduced that the Click-through rate of personalised  recommendations even the category for ‘Top Sellers’ was more that the regular  recommendation of ‘Top Seller’.

Mobile commerce is a hit

Smartphones and tablets seems to play a kingpin role as depicted by a survey from Mobile 500.  As per the survey, these handheld devices seem to contribute a considerable 68% of sales of mobile commerce. Make An eCommerce Site

As US has the stalwarts of online merchants such Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and many more, are reaping in a lot of benefits from mobile commerce. Moreover, the growth is swarming in from four major players namely China, Europe, Latin America and United Sates.

As you know that mobile commerce is taking exponential growth, thus you need to make sure that you use it as tool to disseminate your business.

Ready to use eCommerce extensions

Those who have a website made on a Content management system might be all buffed up about how to turn a simple CMS based website into an eCommerce store. This is no uphill task as now we have numerous eCommerce plugins to transform your eCommerce webstore.

However, this does not means that you can incorporate any of the plugins for the heck of making your regular website a eCommerce store.

You need to find out the most suitable plugin which not only help you establish an eCommerce store, but a wholesome one.

In order to choose the best fit, you need to see the following things:

  • Personalized feature support
  • Active support for users
  • SEO support
  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Customers account
  • Order tracking feature
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Payment gateway support
  • Effective Documentation

Charging For Shipping Can Cut You Down

Well I being an online shopaholic gets really turned down when any of the website  charge for shipping and delivery. We this is quite obvious that one of the most important reason of choosing online commerce is to save the time and expense of reaching out a store. Thus if you will charge them here as well then why would people go for online shopping.

This is a discursive argument as according to a study, eight people from a sample of ten will opt a  website more number of times if it offers free shipping.

Online vouchers are rising higher

Online voucher certainly trigger the online sales and this was derived from a study according to a survey by  by  1,000 people were questioned and then it was derived that online users do search for online coupons very frequently.

Moreover it was also noted that firms which offered voucher codes got to improve their sales considerably as the use of Voucher code grew by 43% within a year.

All in all!

We know that there is nothing which can be done in order to avoid the developers

Author Signature: Maria Mincey is a web developer working with Xicom – eCommerce web development company. You can contact her in order to hire a web developer to avail the highly functional eCommerce and web development solutions.

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