5 Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2018

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The market for web development is changing constantly and rapidly. As new technologies are emerging and the expectation of users are increasing, you will see a continuous flow of new functions, websites, applications, and features.

For every new development that the user comes across, there is more going on behind the scene. As a web developer in today’s fast-moving and emerging world, it is important that you keep yourself up-to-date with these changes.

While it is impossible to predict the exact future, you must be in tune with the way the industry is moving and to anticipate the factors that will have a huge impact; one easy way to do it is being aware of companies such as Webnado.

So let’s take a look at what the year 2018 holds for the web development community.

  1. Single Page Websites

Today’s users are more into simplicity and the speed, and this is exactly what single page websites give them.  As the name screams, these websites have a single long page. They do not have any traditional menu or difficult navigation system; instead, they make use of dividers and divide the page into logical sections making it easy for you.

The user only has to scroll down in one flow and click on the links in order to jump from one area to another.

  1. Goodbye Flash

Some trends you will have to say goodbye too, and 2018 is all set to say goodbye to Flash. For a very long time, Flash was the go-to the protocol used in displaying of animation. However, the rejection of Apple to support flash in the year 2010 motioned the end of Flash. There are several reasons that have led to the end of Flash including severe crashing, security issues and incompatibility with iOS.

  1. Progressive Web Applications

This trend is on the rise and has influenced the web development sector greatly. Progressive web applications have the ability to behave and even look like a mobile app but are in fact web pages working in the browser.

These apps are useful for the user as they do not require any installation. These applications even load quickly and become more and more powerful by providing a top-notch experience to the user.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The hype that AI has never died down, and without its mention, no trend list will ever be complete. In today’s age of constant connectivity, the expectations of the user are very high. The traditional 9-5 customer service no longer works, and the introduction of Chatbots have changed the way everything works.

Now clients want an answer and information 24/7, and this is proven to be successful with chatbots.

  1. Website Push Notifications

Push notifications are no longer a tool for the mobile industry. Nowadays, websites are making use of this tool as well and consider it an asset in keeping their users more engaged.

Brands are constantly looking for ways to communicate with the clients and provide then valuable information right away and push notifications to allow them to do just that.

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