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SEO vs. PPC: The Great Marketing Debate

SEO vs. PPC: The Great Marketing Debate

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SEO vs. PPC: The Great Marketing Debate
SEO vs. PPC: The Great Marketing Debate

No two acronyms in the world of internet marketing get more attention than these two: SEO and PPC. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a method of optimizing website content, social media, visual content, and other online material utilizing relevant keywords. This is often done today including local keyword phrases, increasing the success of local SEO and search at the same time. PPC refers to Pay-Per-Click advertisements, which are essentially small ads that come up in search results, allowing your business to only pay every time someone clicks through to your website.

Choosing which is best takes a little bit of research. First, any SEO company will tell you that every business is different. Most of them will be able to use both tactics, if they desire, but have to determine which one will make the biggest impact on their branding strategy. There’s no surefire answer to which marketing tool is better, because it depends on your own needs and your marketing budget. PPC is ideal for those who want traffic quickly and have the money to pay for it, while SEO is better for creating organic rankings and search results without spending much, if any, money along the way.

SEO is a Must

Any website that wants to survive, let alone thrive, in today’s search engines, needs SEO. From simple content optimization to titles, images, and other tags, having those keywords in the right place will make all the difference. A professional SEO agency will make sure that you get the assistance that you need to audit your SEO and come up with a strong strategy to implement the best changes, if and when those changes are needed.

SEO isn’t just for search engines. It’s for your own peace of mind and tracking purposes. It’s also for customers who are looking for specific products and services. You simply need to capitalize on that and ensure that you take advantage of all that SEO can do. Keep content fresh, make sure that your campaigns are in line with the latest guidelines and algorithms, and take advantage of this affordable marketing tool in any way that you can.

PPC is Effective, But Not Cheap

Pay-per-click marketing campaigns can be a very valuable tool when implemented properly. For those with a limited marketing budget, it might not be a prime idea. However, for those with bigger budgets and a desire to rule the search rankings, this campaign offers a lot of benefits. You can pay for high-ranking spots on search results pages instead of hoping that your SEO does the trick, and you’ll actually only have to spend money if someone clicks through on your link.

The amount that a click costs depends on the keyword utilized and its value. For example, a lower ranking keyword might only cost you $1.00 per click, but a high-value keyword that everyone is using could easily run you upwards of $20 per click or more. Make sure that you consider this when you’re thinking about PPC marketing. It’s a very effective tool because it puts you at the top of the charts, but it’s also costly and that can be a challenge for new and small businesses.

Choose Wisely

SEO vs. PPC: The Great Marketing Debate

SEO vs. PPC: The Great Marketing Debate

First, think about your marketing budget. How much money do you have to spend on a daily basis? You can set this wherever you’d like, but most recommend starting with at least $5-10 per day. Many SEO companies offer assistance with SEO marketing and PPC, which also costs a little money. However, having the professionals help with your marketing campaign is an investment that is always worth making. If you need free or cheap options, it might be better to start with SEO until you have a little more money to add to your marketing budget.

Is PPC effective in your niche? How competitive is your industry? These are important questions because some markets might not need the competitiveness of PPC ads, while others might just not see results that are as good with this type of marketing if it isn’t really useful to their niche. Look at the cost-per-click (CPC), too. Some are as high as $25 or more, which makes it difficult for you to profit from utilizing PPC traffic. It’s not always necessary to choose one or the other, but you need to be informed enough to decide whether one or both of these tools are right for you.

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