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4 Unique Ideas To Create Amazing Instagram Stories In 2020 & Beyond  

Instagram Stories was launched many years back and is now widely used for businesses and has boomed to a large extent today. The number of daily users and viewers of Stories keeps increasing every day, emphasizing everyone on Instagram to make the most of this great feature. Whether you are a budding artist or Influencer, or an entrepreneur, Instagram stories get you the maximum exposure that you aim for. But you need to form and execute a clear strategy to accomplish your goals and objectives. In this article, let us discuss some of the unique ideas to create fascinating stories on Instagram.

Create Content For Your Business

Instagram stories are the right place to spread the word about new products and promotions, which significantly boosts your business. Such content posted to your feed might be annoying to viewers.

If you run a blog and find it challenging to get more visitors to your blog, then it is time to use Instagram stories to share your new blog post. Also, including thought-provoking questions in stories encourages audience participation, increasing blog traffic, and making your blog famous quicker.

If you are hosting a giveaway or special offer, you need to let your audience know about it to make it more effective. Instagram stories are the best choice to convey such things excitingly. Adding a link to your website’s promotional page in Stories can maximize sales and yield much profit.

Psychologically, people get convinced when they hear positive feedback from real customers. You can make use of this advantage by sharing positive reviews of your clients in your stories. Posting content such as screenshots of direct messages and users’ comments helps your stories gain momentum.

Create Content For Influencers

If you are looking out to bloom as an Influencer on Instagram, you must focus on the type of content you post to Instagram stories. The content you post to stories must seem like an Influencer posted it. Photoshoots, Q & A Sessions, fun videos are a few content kinds that people expect from Influencers.

Posting moments that you spend in rare spots in the world add new life to your Instagram profile. People follow you on Instagram, assuming that your content will refresh their minds in some way. So, posting pictures that have a look and feel would be better. When you post pictures of moments, you spend in beautiful places, and occasions can rejuvenate their inner self and keep them energized. Some people might even feel as if they went to the place. Such things are a sure way to strengthen your relationship with them.

Also, remember not to post the same kind of photographs now and then. Anything too much is boring. Take different approaches to post content that will add more value to your audience and make their social media life more enjoyable. Convey ideas and tips on how to live a happier and contented life.

Add Style To Your Stories

In today’s social media landscape, you need to create your unique style to stay competitive all the time. Carrying a unique visual identity can help gain more recognition for your content such that they will know that it is your content without even looking at your profile. Personalizing your Instagram more specific to your niche can help you reach more audiences hence expanding brand reach. 4 Unique Ideas To Create Amazing Instagram Stories In 2020 & Beyond 1

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Applying consistent filters to Instagram stories content can create more awareness about your content. It might not be possible to apply filters to all content. Also, using filters all the time might cause your audience to lose interest in your profile. So, plan properly and apply proper filters whenever required. Sometimes, stories containing natural content without many makeovers might greatly capture Instagram story views because most people love to watch the raw content form.

Avoid leaving a black background when you share someone else’s story. Do customize and add a different background. Sticking to a consistent background is an excellent practice to have a unique profile identity. Customizing stories with attractive font and colors is an effective and simple way to maintain a consistent profile and upload Instagram stories. Be sure to choose the color and font that aligns with your identity.

When you don’t have enough time to create a unique style and look for your stories, you can rely on story templates. Instagram story templates come in different types of layouts supporting various content such as quotes, new content and product promotions, etc.

Create Content As Story Highlights4 Unique Ideas To Create Amazing Instagram Stories In 2020 & Beyond 1

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People see Influencers as social media celebrities and are more curious to know how their day goes on. So, posting everyday life activities as story highlights can take you much closer to your audience. When they see that their life is the same as yours, it will make you appear more down-to-earth, strengthening your relationship further.

Content posted to Instagram stories will vanish after 24 hours, and story highlights remain permanently in your profile. So, story highlights are an excellent feature that almost all Instagram users can use to get the maximum benefits. Brands, marketers, influencers, and creators especially leverage story highlights by grouping them into themes. A story highlight can comprise up to 100 stories. Businesses can show the different areas such as events, new ventures, and milestones, which can boost followers count hence increasing customer base.

Other Tips & Tricks To Get Popular through Stories

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. So make sure to post one story every day, and each one should be completely different from the other. Another way to get famous through stories is to let your followers share your story in their feed posts. To do this, go to your profile settings, click Privacy, and enable “Allow Sharing” and “Allow Resharing to Stories.” This setup will help you gain a broader reach on Instagram.

Final Words

Instagram stories undoubtedly can get more perks in the long term. This feature helped several Instagram profiles gain buzz and the same will happen to your profile as well. I hope the article gave you useful ideas to add creativity while posting Instagram stories. Feel free to share new ideas that worked for you.

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