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Scammers Online – How They Should Be Handled

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To begin with, the scammers have always been, are and will be. These members of the human race seem to be superior to viruses in survival. And basically, if not entirely, thanks to the inattentive and gullible simpletons.

Among the scammers there are extraordinary people, with a very sharp and lively mind, even ingenious, you can say. An adventurous character does not allow them to find application for their talents in another field of activity. Crime is their element.

Cunning multi-way combinations of these scammers cause involuntary admiration. Of course, they are driven by a thirst for profit, but, in fact, the production itself is secondary for them. The main thing is to be able to crank up a scam, achieve success. To prove to everyone – and, first of all, to oneself – his genius.

Perhaps they have some reason to look down on others. And such personalities are not only the imagination of the authors of detective novels and screenwriters of Hollywood blockbusters. These are authentic people. But there are very few of them, like geniuses in general. And indeed, it is not they who steal our projects.

But we have to deal with small sticks that do not have either a great mind or imagination. Even the schemes of “divorce” are applied all already tested a thousand times, nothing more intelligent than these “great combinators” can come up with, they dress the old stuffed animal in new clothes.

They, of course, have a very high opinion of themselves! Rulers of the world! We are for the working bees, ants, stupidly poking around under their feet, not worthy of attention and respect, but not completely useless – they allow themselves to descend to the extent that they would enjoy the fruits of our labors. Even the nickname of many of them contains hacker, Cybergod or something else like that.

But behind this ridiculous and absurd mask of greatness lies its failure and helplessness, lack of will, sometimes outright stupidity, inability to independently carry out even a simple IT project, tongue-tied and illiterate, lazy mother, selfishness, arrogance, and unscrupulousness.

Someone very accurately noticed: “If friends call you a hacker, know – you are a lamer. For the real hacker is neither visible nor audible. And he doesn’t have any friends except a computer. “And what can we say about a man who calls himself so dignified? And often among the “scammers,” there are also such instances that the computer does not know how to use.

So who are we dealing with?

With common parasites, i.e., rather primitive creatures that use the host (please note!) as a power source.

How to relate to them?

And they should be treated accordingly. Being offended by them is merely stupid. Such creatures are not worthy of resentment – they cannot live differently, they lack intelligence, but you want to eat something! After all, it would never occur to anyone to be offended and present their claims to a tick that sucked during a country walk (God forbid, of course). He was to blame, and he did not take precautions.

Parasites should be poisoned. In our case – not in the literal sense, you should not take the above as a call to action (no matter how much you would like).

But it is better and more correct to protect yourself from parasites.

“How many times have they told the world!”

Well, it’s worth seeing what others write about the customer, reviews, user attitudes, comments on the project?

And if the customer is less than a month on the site, and the offer from him is gorgeous – with a high degree of probability, we can say that this is another catcher of gullible souls (an innocent soul sounds better than a goof, but the essence, unfortunately, does not change).

What should not be too lazy to hammer a nickname in the Google search bar? You can immediately find out so much enjoyable! Not familiar with the specifics of the Internet, “scammers” even nickname and mailbox do not bother to change, not thinking that freelancers are also not asleep!

Test tasks – a separate topic. Here is a gold feeder for those who like to profit at someone else’s expense! If the test task is not published in the project, one for all, and each applicant receives it personally – they want to throw you! What is even easier: I posted a tempting project, collected test articles, threw unique content on the exchange, and publish the next one! A severe customer needs a link to the work of the desired subject in the portfolio.

I made it a rule to set the condition for the customer: after writing the article, I send the so-called “cut,” i.e., the beginning of the article, the middle and the end, and after payment – the entire article. The number of orders, in general, was reduced by fifty percent, but the number of unpaid – by 100% !!!

Of course, the customer you are not working with for the first time can also be thrown – no one is safe from this. You need to send the next article only after the money for the previous one has been received. So, in any case, only one article will remain unpaid. Adequate customers should be sympathetic to this. If the customer is too lazy to bother with the translation after each article – well then, let him pay the work in advance.

Do not find this reasoning for the desire to look the most intelligent. This article is its own negative experience – “the fruit of difficult mistakes.”

I’m not only writing to you – I’m writing to myself how this should be treated. And it doesn’t always work out!

Most of all, I am sorry for what each of us, the most precious thing – time is sorely lacking.

You find a particular order, write a letter to a person, try to interest him in your humble person, list professional skills and knowledge. In a response letter, he asks for clarification of some details, again you carefully write, convincing the customer that you are the person he is looking for – and you are waiting.

And only in the fourth or fifth letter does he ask to send money for a guarantee in exchange for entirely unnecessary materials! So much time wasted!

Well, how can one not recall all the most active expressions from our high and mighty ?! Only then, taking our souls away, looking at the frightened cat, huddled under an armchair, thinking along the way that, in the end, you need to make repairs in the apartment and strengthen the sound insulation (the neighbors probably drop the dishes from their hands), you understand – you should not worry so much.

Of course, you cannot live without trusting anyone. I don’t want to offend the customer with my distrust – but where is the guarantee that this is not another “thrown”? An adequate customer will understand and accept your conditions. But they didn’t sit down, well, it is up to you to decide whether to take risks or not.

Be careful and good luck!!!

About the author

Melisa Marzett is a content writer who is currently traveling and working for best english services writing articles in various subjects. With a mind as quicksilver, she comes up with her writing quickly, and it is easy-to-read for her appreciative audience.




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