Graphic Design Tips for Web Pages

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Research states that there are approximately 380 websites created every minute. That’s more than 500,000 per day. However, only a handful of these websites effectively reach their target and appear in a good position on search engines. Other than great content, the site’s design is equally essential in connecting with the users. Before the content, aesthetics is the first to be noticed on a web site.

Read on as we list down the helpful tips and tricks you can do now to improve the design of your website.

Website Should Be Pleasant to Eye

Typically, graphic designers tend to combine many elements to differentiate one site from another. A general rule on design though says that the simpler, the better. Unnecessary design components could be overwhelming for most users; thus, it is advisable to keep it simple but functional. Great websites balance the elements of minimalism and functionality.

Capitalize on Good Photos and Dynamic Texts

Good looking photos matched with vibrant text are a plus for the website. The key here is trying various fonts until it blends well with the images. After several trials, you can decide on what is most appealing before loading it to your website.  What’s important is that your site visitors should clearly understand your business upon seeing your website through its graphic design.

Apply A Suitable Fixed Header

Elementary as it may be, this is one portion of the website where mistakes are usually committed.  Website owners want to have a stylish page that can be scroll extensively. However, the convenience of site navigation should also never be a sacrifice. Website owners also wanted the users to browse the site easier by adding a fixed header on the top. Many designers underestimate the need for an exceptional and functional fixed header. This component is noticeable across your website; thus, it should look great and comfortable to use.

Set up An Appropriate GIF Animation

This lossless image file format is likable for most users as it provides animation and entertainment. However, some web graphic designers tend to apply them on the sites without really thinking about its real purpose.  GIF Animation Images, when not used properly, may annoy the users and jump to another website immediately. It is, therefore, advisable to add GIF animation whenever it is necessary.




Aptly Use Hover Effect 

Most of web graphic designers know that buttons and pictures can move with a semi transition effect upon passage over it by the mouse cursor? This feature is appropriately called the hover effect. This effect adds beauty and pleasance to the elements of a website. It is a lot better than a stiff image as if the pictures interact with the user. The best thing about the hover effect is it’s free to use for all designers. To apply the hover effect, you may go to your website editor and click “Add,” then “Buttons and Menu,” and “Button with Photo.”


Apply An Attractive Design On The Landing Page

When properly applied, your landing page is a useful tool to attract and convince the visitors to try your site. There are so many elements, yet user-friendly forms that you can use for your website. Utilize these elements by giving your visitor the best experience on your landing page.

But first, define the goals of your landing page. It could be to convince them to sign up right away with an attractive package for your product or services. Some websites entice the customers by creating suspense as the landing page wants them to click for more. Furthermore, landing pages must be simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly.

Apply Simple Yet Striking Fonts

Web graphic designers must understand that fonts or typography is a major factor in brand recall and identity. Also, it helps the website to obtain a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) position, which could result in potential customers and sales. Great typography contributes to the betterment of website identity.

For reference, here are the four main categories of fonts:

  • Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have a slight enhancement or inflated lines added to each letter


  • Sans – serif Fonts

Sans-serif means a font minus the serifs, and embellishments omitted.


  • Script Fonts

Script fonts mimic the handwriting and mostly used with headlines.


  • Decorative Fonts

Typically, it is also used in headlines, and appropriately paired with a graphical component, like a painting or drawing. Decorative fonts are also good with pictures.

The key to using fonts is to make the website look as professional and as attractive as possible. Fonts should always blend with other elements of the website. A good example I would give would be’s page design.

Add Complementary Animations And Videos

Sometimes, the best way to send a message across the audience is through a live demo. And in the case of websites, videos and animations are one of the best aids for adequate dissemination information or promotion.   Animations, particularly, can help the website capture the attention of audiences. Relatively, the videos are there for purposes of products and services demonstration, marketing, and training. Also, videos and animation can serve as background visual aids.

Note, however, that background videos uses extra memory, thus can affect the performance of the website. It is therefore suggested to use videos and animations only when the content calls for it. Also, a graphic designer may opt to provide an autoplay option for the user so that they may choose to run the video or not.

Alternatively, a graphic designer may also use Cinemagraph as a feature in place of full videos. It is called as such because Cinemagraphs are series or burst of still photos and when played, create loops of slight movements. When processed on a graphic editor, a video clip is a result. Cinemagraphs are uploaded with either GIF or video format, thus making it appear that a clip is playing. Usually, the subject remains still while other elements on the frame move in short loops.

Always keep in mind the number of websites that goes online every day. For your web site to flourish, take note of the tips given above. Ultimately, it is the users who decide what website is worth their time and bandwidth. Users tend to choose attractive, user-friendly,  and professional looking websites, make yours count.

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