Primary Education is the Cornerstone of Academic Career

It goes without saying that primary education is the mother of all kind of education. Since it is the basic right of every child on earth, each state is responsible for providing primary education to its citizens. Primary education is the first step towards building welfare and an intellectual society. It brings awareness amongst the masses, develops opportunities like self-advancements and self-confidence, and also reduces the chronic and inter-generational poverty.

Hence, you must consider putting your child in a high-quality preschool to make them learn the basic concepts through simple games and plays. In most of the developed countries, the parameters of primary education starts at the age of 4 and exceeds up to 10 to 12 years old children. In addition, the importance of preschool can never be underestimate as it is what prepares students for academic, emotional, and social success.

A high-quality primary education benefits students in the following ways:

        Supports Emotional and Social Development

It is crucial for your child to spend some time with other kids before getting into the real world of education. Particularly, when they used to spend time with children from different backgrounds and cultures, they learn to interact and develop a sense of responsibility for others. Also, they learn the difference between right and wrong; how to take part in group activities, play co-imperatively, compromise, share, follow instructions, solve conflicts, and talk about their opinions.

        Teaches Confidence and Independence

It is a well-documented fact that preschool provides a nurturing and positive environment to young children which helps them to be more stable and confident than those who don’t. Preschool provides a safe, happy, and healthy environment where young students can gain self-confidence and explore other personalities to better learn about themselves ultimately. More importantly, they also learn to be comfortable without their mothers to some extent.

        Promotes a Rich Vocabulary and Reading Skills

You might know that a child’s vocabulary and social skills have a direct link to their early education. Children between the ages of 3-5 years can grow his vocabulary from 900 to 2500 words. It is the reason for which a language rich environment is very important for the children’s overall environment. Therefore, the students who attend high-quality primary school are much richer in vocabulary with better reading skills than those who don’t.

According to UNESCO institute for statistics, the whole world needs to:

  • Make availability of teaching positions for getting universal primary education.
  • Make alternatives of 5.1 million teachers who will be leaving the teaching profession in near future.
  • Fulfill the dire need of 6.8 million teachers for providing every student with primary education.

These days, competition is at its peak in this contemporary world. Every state should prepare its workforce fully educated. So the need of primary education becomes greatly important for meeting everyday challenges and also create a respectable place in the world. In this regard, guardians should also fulfill their responsibility of sending their kids to school at a young age.

The primary education is a gateway to learn things that will lead them to a bright future. Basically, you seek out knowledge in all the necessary disciplines under primary education. From counting to word formation, general ethics, norms, and values, young kids learn everything.

When parents and guardians tend to understand the value of education, they send their children to primary schools. A labor who thinks his child to help him in future would rather be working to eliminate the factor of inter-generational poverty. When he spends time working really hard and learns a lot contents, it prepares him to earn more and turn the bad days around.For such purpose, trainings should arranged for the parents and make them aware of the benefits of education.

Since the future of each country depends on the quality of education its young children earns, we mustn’t forget that the children are always dependent on their teachers. A teacher is someone who plays a vital role in shaping the future of its students so he must create an interest for them in learning. If they are competent enough to do so, there will be hardly someone who remains uneducated.


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