5 Mistakes That Can Make Your Assignment Boring


If you want to impress your teachers with the next paper, begin with considering these commonly committed assignment writing mistakes. Better yet, here you can also get an understanding of the best ways to counter these errors in all your future assignments:

      Using Obvious and Clichéd starting sentences

  •  “Since the beginning of time…”
  • “Man has always wondered…”
  • “Your keyword”, as defined by Merriam-Webster is “DEFINITION.”

When starting out your paper, make sure to start out impressively. The funnel approach to write introductions readers would like to read does not involve— starting out general and then coming down to specifications. This was good in the middle school, but when it comes to college you need to start with specific details and staying interesting across the content.

      Ill Formatting

Some teachers are so sensitive about formatting; all they care about is spacing, style, margins, length, fonts, citation, etc. — in the given assignment or exams. There are a few general rules that apply to all academic assignments. You might have double-spaced your paper and mentioned the page numbers, but most of the teachers have their own set of preferences. Here are some instructions that when not followed can mark you as incompetent and less diligent, which you do not want to appear as a student.

      Lacking thesis sentences or answers to the cross questions

Unless your assignment or essay is a sum-up, annotated bibliography, or anything but an actual essay, it needs an argument. Or else, why would anyone read it? Avoid writing an assignment that attempts to prove what’s already acknowledged as a fact.

A great way to write a compelling argument is asking and addressing the “so what?” question. It may be difficult to do — but that’s important. If you can’t enunciate the importance of your chosen or assigned topic, you can’t really get your readers care about reading it all.

      Not Providing Authentic or Enough Evidence

Have you ever seen a lawyer stepping into a courtroom wouldn’t enough evidence to back the claims? No, right? Then how a writer can establish a claim without proper evidence? When you are writing an assignment, you are highlighting a problem or making a claim that needs to be addressed or proven, respectively. If it lacks the claim your assignment won’t be anything but a bunch of unsubstantiated statements and vague claims. Quotes from sources are an essential, whether you are writing an essay, assignment, thesis, or any other paper. Select your evidence judiciously, and make it certain that it can actually demonstrate what you need to demonstrate.

      Plagiarism or Improper Citation

Every year, thereisa huge number of students who make this mistake. They don’t even know that they can get expelled for not citing the sources. They try to paraphrase the content that is far too close than the original content. There is a proper way forcitation that you can find in different articles, websites, YouTube videos, books, and other online sources.

So, these were some of the many mistakes committed daily by students. Yes! You can work on them and try not to repeat them in your content. Anyhow, there are students who come to me “if it is legit to help with assignment writing?” For me, if your teacher is not helping you out—that s/he should— it seems ethical to get help in writing an assignment, but try to do it all on your own and get it proofread by a professional writer.

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Steve Martin is an educationist. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science and arts. Currently, he is working as a freelance writer who takes projects according to his interests, which include Sports, Education, Fashion, etc. through his writings; he acquaints people about the advantages of MBA assignment as it is one of his favorite service under the head of education.

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