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The Outdated Marketing Techniques You Need to Debunk Right Now

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In the Internet-driven world today if you create your brand website using the brick and mortar technique, then you are never going to make your venture successful. The technology evolves with the time; be it in the realm of advertising, web services or development. So, it’s important for every business to keep them updated with the latest trends, especially when it comes to marketing. 

Marketing is complex; the trends keep on changing. The strategies which you used in the past no longer work today but still, there are some businesses who use these techniques and get disappointed when they don’t achieve their results. 

If you’re a marketer, you’d know hard it’s to leave a lasting impression on your customer. So, let’s spend some time in filtering out the techniques that have become outdated and doesn’t glean successful results. 


1.    Trying to Please Everyone:


You own a brand and you are striving to make everyone happy with your one brand. That’s Impossible! A great marketing technique starts with creating the buyer persona first. For example, if you own a web design agency in Dubai, then your target audience will be the business or individuals who need a website for their company. You can’t target the housewives, teenagers or students who have nothing to do with a website. 

Collect your customers’ data , work and Essex removals on their demographics; explore the things that interest them the most, age bracket and their timings. It will help to enhance your marketing strategies and turn them in your customer favor.


2. Print Marketing:


What happens to the brochure, visiting cards or print papers the marketers drop at your home? Trashed or Discarded most probably. 

Indeed it was the best technique in the past but now it’s only a waste of money. It’s also ineffective and time-consuming. If you still use this technique to grow your business then debunk it right now and switch to the digital medium. It will you to scale your presence for the good.  


3. One Post Fit for All:


With the existence of the number of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, you can’t create a post that will work on all these platforms. Each platform has its own speciality as if you see Pinterest, it uses the power of visuals combined with real facts, figures, and information in the form of boards. A post created for Facebook won’t work there.

Similarly, Twitter and LinkedIn have their own set of rules. Therefore, it’s important that you create the marketing strategies that cater to each platform specifically. It will help to scale your presence the right way and giving the right results.


4. Ditching Email Marketing:


Although social media marketing proves to be great in bringing out great results for your brand you can’t take this excuse to ditch your email marketing. It’s still powerful and gives successful results in inviting new customers to your business and retaining the existing ones. 

Think of the email that lands in your inbox and you give it a read to know what is about. So, there are also customers who don’t miss out reading emails when it arrives in their inbox. It also helps in keeping your customers updated with the promotional offers and new releases. 


5. Failing to Scale beyond Basics:


Digital marketing is much more than creating a post per day. Video marketing, storytelling, posting realistic pictures and interacting with your customers are the new ways to channel your brand. 

You might be getting interaction with the basic marketing but you can’t turn it into success until you utilize the social features to the maximum. The competition is on the verge today so dig your customer analytics and create what appeals to them. It will help you to scale beyond average. 


Final Words:


These are all the outdated techniques which brands still leverage to grow their business. Although they are not detrimental to your business, still they won’t let you grow in the digital space according to your expectations.

So, let’s debunk these old school techniques and switch to the core of the digital medium to make things better.  

I hope you find it easy to implement.   

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