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SEO Hacks to reach your Online Marketing goals in 2017!

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When you enter a “keyword” into any search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.), you’re engaging in the front position of search engine optimization (SEO). The sites or pages that appear in the results are positioned on how the search engine considered those sites’ content was appropriate to your searching keyword.

This is also called SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but now question is that “how is this decided?” This is decided by the implementation of ever rolling algorithms. SEO experts say, these algorithms & formulas take your keyword queries and turn them into results. If we talk about Google, they specifically depend on more than 200 unique signals that presume what you might be in search of.


As we know that keywords are the backbone for SEO. That’s why it is very essential; you ensure the best ones in your content are being used. How to know what the best? Asking yourself, are they relevant to the content?

For example, you wouldn’t strategically place keywords for affordable housing in Delhi NCR, when you writing about Godrej Villas in Greater Noida. Before implementation of the keywords, do some searches with the keywords and observe the result. Is the result related to write-up’s theme? Good. The related keywords and phrases will be helpful to your page ranking in search engine.search-engine

If you are not sure about the exactness of keywords, in that case, you can use keyword research tools. These tools assist you to observe how a keyword or phrase would position in monthly searches, how many times in each month a particular keyword is searched.


Content is like (Petrol to a vehicle) Good in SEO. If you write quality content, there will be good demand for it however, it should be linkable. Your content should be very detailed to the specific topic being attended. And keeping along the lines of specifics, the use of any page on your site should be understandable in the title tag, URL, and image alt-text.quality-content


As an SEO executive, you have likely understood that a lot has changed in the SEO field in recent years. Days are gone for 300 – 400-word blog and have it pull weight in a SERP. These days the longer the write-up, like more than 1000 words or more, the more chance to rank your page or site on search engine. More and more long write-ups are being post on sites & social media, attracting readers for visit again & again, and eventually being seen as more reliable to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

Now everybody understands that good word count can give more weight to the sites, and many companies are following this trend, but now question is that “what counts as long form?” Well, long content does not have any fixed definition but in general way a long content should contain 1000+ words, good images, bullet points, and videos etc. If you make your mind up to long content, that’s great, but don’t feel forced to do so.


To stand apart in the field of images & graphics you should hire graphics designers & photographers, instead of copy images & graphics from somewhere on the internet. Creating your own graphics and photographs will boost your ranking in SERP. This is not only giving a better experience for readers but also give a quality signal to the Google about your website. You should keep only one thing keep in mind and that is – don’t create a mixture of colorful images & graphics, put attractive and relevant images, light images in sizes and correct file format.


Being online with many friends is a trend in the digital age and being friends with the search engines is an another very big thing. As we know you can’t be friends with Google, but you can make your site search engine friendly by making it informative for readers.

To identify if your site will be helpful for viewers, Google ‘crawl’ the website to study and value the pages, including the structure of the site completely. As much as information you can provide on your website, the more possibilities for search engines to understand your page and website. Using short and appropriate keywords and phrases are the only way to attract & educate the search engines.website-traffic


Offsite SEO accounts for the greater part of rankability for a particular keyword. Offsite SEO also known as Off page SEO is the process of creating links by your write-up on other pages, sites. The more links you create for your website on another site, the better your off page SEO will be.


In previous points, we came to know that better quality content will give a the high ranking. Similarly, the more visitors that visit and click to your page, the more your position in the SERPs increase, more traffic flows to your website, and you gain more coverage overall.social-media

Social media is an important part of online marketing through it people can spread your post by sharing and connect with your posts, basically working as free brand pushers for your company, and blogs & articles. It’s an excellent practice to give back that support and share the posts from other parallel business as well. This may sound counter-intuitive but it gets your company noticed on a larger scale.


SEO is a long term game, gaining the first on the first page with SERP ranking could take minimum 3 months to maximum 12 months. Patience wore thin when we wait for SEO to make an impact and this leads most of the users to commit formidable mistakes that can affect your SEO campaign. SEO results depends on your field, how many competitors exist in your locality, and employing best practices that Google has brought forward regarding SEO. Good news for the SEO executives are that now changes in your strategy can be noticed in as soon as within a month. The advantage of appropriately performing SEO on your website very much outweighs the time it takes to attain results.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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