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Best Tips To Secure Your crypto-currency From Getting Hacked (2020)

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And when we talk about most of the things we mean currency as well. crypto-currency is quite a popular thing and popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Etherium have found a wide-scale usage and popularity online. Be it a crypto-currency poker services or crypto transaction in trade and shares a good user base is utilizing this virtual currency.

However, in spite of it being digital, it has that threat of theft associated with as is with any other valuable thing. In the digital world, the biggest threat is that of hacking. And yes your crypto-currency can be hacked and the cryptos can be flown away.  It is estimated that hackers have flown away with $11 bn since 2011. Don’t be afraid and start sweating reading this as there is a protection for that. To ease that tension and help you secure your crypto-currency here we bring some quick and effective tips. Just read them, keep in mind, and put to practice to avoid risk and tensions. Without much ado, let’s get to the point.

Add The Layers

Modern-day cybersecurity is all about layering. Gone are the days when having a password was good enough. Nowadays, you need to have layers of security that are something more than just the password. Two-factor-authentication is one way of that. When you use two-factor authentication you get a unique password like OTP valid for just 30 seconds that is sent to your registered and verified mobile number or email. This ensures that the hacker would not get access to your account even if he is able to break through the first layer of security, which is login or 1st password.

Hardware Wallets

This is a safer and secure way to save your crypto-currency like Bitcoins. Hardware wallets or what they are called the cold storage are wallets that store the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device. As private keys are often stored in a protected area of a microcontroller and are not transferred in plain text then the level of security is high. The only catch here is that these wallets are useful for those users who do not exchange their crypto-currency too often.

Multiple Wallets

An old but useful technique of not placing all your resources in one place works here as well. Get yourself multiple online wallets that offer online crypto-currency parking facilities and distribute the total amount in possession in them. You can also opt for a mix of online accounts and hardware wallets to ensure more safety. The basic idea here is to prevent accumulation in one place and spread the resources to make hacking and tracking difficult.


One of the most basic but mostly ignored. It is always said that they have good internet protection antivirus to keep malicious websites away. This is recommended normally as well even if you are not dealing in crypto-currency or are in possession of it. The online antivirus is updated regularly with various threats being updated in its database and thus is better equipped to keep the malicious website, advertisements, pop-ups, and links at bay.

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