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Beautify Your Magento Store With These Adept Magento Themes

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Well, all of you have heard about various WordPress themes, right? So, here I will put up the description of few latest Magento themes to beautify your Magento store. Below here, you will come across few best premium & responsive free Magento themes with highly advanced admin module features that simultaneously offers full customization technique to beautify your Magento store by easy to use features and accessing fully responsive themes. Working with these eminently enhanced and professional Magento themes are altogether suitable for use with any type of online eCommerce store. These Magento themes are extremely great and useful for beginner’s level to customize their Magento projects.

Now let me proceed towards introducing with these Magento themes that will help you to beautify your Magento store in much efficient manner, even better than WordPress themes. So, let’s see one by one:

  • Logancee – Multipurpose Responsive Magento Theme

This theme offers a huge combination of embellishing your Magento store that simultaneously comes with clean, modern and minimalist designing features to embellish your Magento e-store. One can use this Magento theme with full love and agony. That’s why it’s often seen that this highly advanced and professional level Magento theme is often used by most of the talented designers to complete their  modification process of Magento store by obtaining optimized results.

Logancee – Multipurpose Responsive Magento ThemeLogancee multi-purpose Magento theme comes with highly responsive eCommerce template features that stands out as an ideal option for any Magento developers to go ahead with full customization process and design their own website on the top online shopping sites. This theme comes with two types of unique designing amenities such as adjusting header section, and multiple style & layout amenities. Logancee Magento theme comes as everything that is apt to be used for mutating a complete website such as landing pages, sale promotion, sales product, etc

  • Nextlevel

NextlevelNextlevel is known as premium Magento theme that is highly responsive as well as retina ready theme with a motive to offer clean, modern and elegant designing attributes to users. Nextlevel Magento theme is designed with a prime focus towards working with user experience features and to make Magento shopping much easier as well as on rapid basis. What causes this theme an outstanding among others is its easy to customization process, fully responsiveness, comes with a combination of lots of Magento store modification features. It offers an easy display process of various categories of items in all types of devices that includes screen, wide-screen, iPhone, iPad as well as Android devices.


MAGMANext appears to be your MAGMA Magento theme that is contrived while keeping in mind a clean and basic responsive premium styles. MAGMA Magento theme is created to help you design your own multi-language e-commerce Magento store in just few clicks. Working with Quickstart Package, admin options, unlimited colouring features, ajax layer navigation process, Swift Checkout process and many more options are there that will offer you with an ultimate freedom to set-up the your Magento eStore with the help of MAGMA Magento theme according to your preferences in just few minutes. MAGMA Fashion comes as a responsive Magento theme that is primarily designed for Clothing store, furniture sections, watch items, digital store, hiTech store, cosmetics stores, floral stores, perfume stores, fashion store, apparel store, and any other types of Magento store. While you are working with this professionally advanced theme, you can easily organize your business essentials online without any extra effort required by you in short amount of time.

  • IStudio 7 Premium Responsive Magento Theme:

IStudio 7 Premium Responsive Magento Theme_ iStudio 7 Premium Responsive Magento Theme is designed with extreme uniqueness and clean working procedures that is quite easy to Install and Configure by users. Apart from these features, iStudio 7 Premium Responsive Magento Theme is engrossed with high powerful Admin modules. This Magento theme can be conveniently used for any type of E-commerce Magento Store. It is further materialized with wide number of designing features such as responsiveness, fluid grid system, Mega menu system, Brand Slider feature, Ajax Cart feature and One Page Checkout process.


TechzoneDrape up your Magento eCommerce theme for all types of tech gizmos with Techzone Magento eCommerce theme. Starting right from working with extra wide screen solution instead of limited space screen that you have to access on your mobile, Techzone Magento theme is here to excel, when it comes to display any Magento store on your mobile devices.

  • Responsive Magento Theme – Adore

Responsive Magento Theme – AdoreResponsive Magento Theme – Adore is another kind of exceptional Magento theme that pitches highly advanced admin module features for users to work with Magento store efficiently. It offers high customization features, that is easy to use and is highly responsive. Goes well with any  type of store. It comes as a great working features for beginners to encourage them to handle any type of customized projects. It displays highly simple white background appearance that is enough to make product displays to stand out the best among others with a logical sequence of colors and texture together with reasonable animation effect that can easily impress your visitors in a fraction of second. But what makes Adore famous is its highly user appealing features to modify their Magento store. Comes with friendly responsive designing process for users, adaptive screen layout system with the new Bootstrap 3 amenities attached to it that is already extremely impressive. Besides these mentioned features of Adore Magento theme, it further offer its users with Visual Content Editor that allow writers to edit contents directly on front-end basis.

  • SNS Dmmk

SNS DmmkSNS Dmmk is another type of Responsive Multipurpose Magento Theme that defines 8 major color styling process, primarily designed to give users a professional and an elegant feel with available three types of  Multi Stores in it that efficiently modifies your Magento store. SNS Dmmk is appropriate for those who are seeking for highly unique and attractive designs, and of-course is trying to grab its way among numerous of store owners. SNS Dmmk is surely a great starting point for such users.

  • HappyStore – Responsive Magento Theme

HappyStore – Responsive Magento ThemeHappyStore – Responsive Magento Theme is another form of Magento Theme that is needed for managing fashion stores, accessories stores, furniture stores, interior stores with highly stylish as well modern designing look that it has for its users. Due its coding pattern that is developed in CSS3 format,  HappyStore – Responsive Magento Theme has tremendously gained its brand name among Magento developers worldwide.

  • Restro

RestroRestro Magento theme is one of a kind Magento theme that is used for multi-purpose Magento store modification theme that is universally preferred by Magento developers to design their Magento store. This professionally state-of-the-art level theme can be used for any type of Magento store such as fashion stores, gadget stores, or any other types of stores. It’s comes with fully responsiveness with a combination of css3 light coding theme styles. If you further look at its features, then you will come know that it offers a revolution slider value that is defines as $12 value. Restro theme further offers full ajax attributes and dynamic adjustment process of any color to make your Magento store suitable for use to users. Restro Magento theme offers highly user friendly pattern that offers one click installation and easily customization process.

  • Mondo responsive magento theme:

Mondo responsive magento theme_Are you looking for dead simple but impressive vintage style theme attributes to design and modify your Magento store? Then, surely I must say that you should definitely try your hands on Mondo Magento theme, that is one of the best as well as fully responsive Magento theme for Magento store.  It offers advanced color combination features that is well-suited for Fashion and Cosmetic stores, Furniture stores, along with Revolution Slider feature for modifying Magento store that naturally has the power of convincing the most stubborn-head customers. And last but not the least, of-course AM Mondo rapidly runs on your Magento based site, that of-course offers an easy process to configure your Magento stores. So,  what are you thinking about? Don’t worry, AM Mondo is definitely a great pick for you Magento eCommerce site.

Well, apart from above mentioned Magento eCommerce themes that helps you to beautify your Magento store, below here, you can search for various other Magento store modification themes. To name a few of them, here is a small list of them:

  • MT Orion
  • GreatShop
  • Printshop – Responsive Magento Printing Theme

That’s All Folks! I hope you will surely get some help by reading this guestpost. You are welcome with your own comments on various other Magento eStore modification theme.

Author Bio :

   Claudia is a web developer at Magentax – Magento Ecommerce development company that has been remarkable in delivering high-quality Magento Ecommerce development service. You can go through her articles which are based on tips and tricks for handling Magento development projects.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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