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Responsive Web Design

Know in Detail about the Most Popular Web Design Trends

The web design industry like any other industry undergoes through certain stages and these stages are termed as trends. These trends are driven by technical advancements, aesthetics and desire of finding several effective ways of presenting content to users. The best thing about changing web design trends is that they are always for the best and encourage others in the web design industry to adopt these trends to make even better products.

It is advisable to follow web design trends that have timeless kind of quality and are guaranteed. Also, it is important to follow only those trends that don’t look outdated in just few months.

Below are some of the most popular web design trends that are being adopted by several web designers:


By having helpful videos, instead of having just simple plain posts will help in increasing your website’s authority online. Further, it also proves helpful in driving targeted amount of web traffic towards your site. With number of advanced tools and software available online, it has become much easy to make videos, which can be easily shared on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Smartphone and tablet usage has increased to a great extent and is also overtaking desktop traffic for number of websites. This has led several web designers to rethink about providing quality user experience for small screens. By adapting to growing trends in this web design industry, you can make your company more agile and in turn drive innovation within your organization.

Parallax Scrolling

In this year, there has been an increase seen in adoption of unified and long page web designs along with cool effects including parallax.js. For creating different layers of page move at different times. Websites with parallax scrolling are eye-appealing and they provide an attractive method to motivate users to continue scrolling, exploring content and read more copy on website. Key page elements like headers and social media can be made a medium to follow users who appear more frequently.


It presents visual content which is an effective way of communicating statistics or other important information. With infographics, you can represent relevant data in a visually attractive way. The total search volume increased by a surprising rate of 80% from 2010-2012. This percentage will continue to increase as businesses realize the value of representing statistics in the most powerful way to engage their target audience. In this year, you can look for more illustrations for representing statistics in a powerful, yet engaging way!

Simple and Flat design

Responsive web design has a great impact on website’s appearance and it is evident from the rising demand of “flat” designs. This trend has gained popularity due to responsive functionality. Both flat design and responsive web design are compatible. The reason why this trend is followed is that flat design leads to less clutter and gives the best user experience.


When dealing with web design trends, you should remember one important thing that what works is more important compared to what looks good at the moment. Thus, by adopting web design trends in your website, you are sure to reap benefits out of it.


Author Bio: Ryan Holman is a very creative web designer in UK. He often writes reviews on Kansas City Web Design trends and guides website designers about how to implement web design trends. His passion includes writing blogs and articles on web design trends.



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