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Role of Beautiful Texture & Pattern Design in Good Graphic Designing

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Role of Beautiful Texture And Pattern Design In Good Graphic DesigningGraphic design is the creative art and systematic plan that help to solve a problem. Even it is the key tool to achieve certain objectives by using symbols, images, even words.  Graphic design is the visual communication, otherwise it is also known as the aesthetic expression of concepts and innovative ideas. Creativity also expressed through various graphic tool and advanced elements. Graphic design can use innovative concepts like it is the image-based designs involving symbols, photos, logos, type-based designs, and illustrations. Professional designers also have a creative mind and observation skills to introduce new effects in the graphic design and analytical thinking is the most important tool to experience great features through the graphic design. Usually the designers employ a variety of methods to communicate a particular message. Creating an impressive visual is highly important for the business.

Textures & It’s Importance In Graphic Designing:

Texture is a powerful tool and it is the great technique for creating compelling. It plays vital role in the creation of the lifelike design projects, texture vastly help to improve your designs. Texture is the feel of an object otherwise it is called as the surface quality, because it is the essential element to create physical illusion at the same time it continues to play a leading role in the creation of the visual elements.

Use of natural texture is help to bring great factors in the graphical designs. It is the first trick it is the imagery comprises things, it is the gentle touch of nature based elements. Implementing natural elements into graphical design is ultimate choices to experience array of benefits. Texture, is the key elements of art, it is the great support for the artist’s concept behind the work.  Textures usually used to get major influence to the work, it plays crucial role in any work of art.

Without texture the graphic designs will no complete, image the world without texture, it will be boring, so texture plays vital role in every work. There are many different textures you can find to develop your innovative concepts, the innovative ideas for textures also ensure your work quality. Texture is the fundamental elements which takes huge part in the three dimensional art, in general texture adds an emotional of course it is the main factor to experience the real-life response even it yield better results.

Pattern And Its Importance In Graphic Design:

Role of Beautiful Texture And Pattern Design In Good Graphic DesigningPattern plays vital role in the graphic designs and it is an underlying structure that organizes surfaces in the regular manner.  Otherwise it is referred as the repeating unit of shape; pattern is a written document which help to get the general solution to a design problem of course the designers also use patterns in the specific project.  In general pattern use a formal approach that helps to design problem, with the help of this you can find a good solution. Pattern is the arrangement of design elements like it includes shapes, objects, lines etc. typically patterns can be used backdrops in a page layout, as a fill for other shapes, as a watermark.

Patterns can help to represent texture, at the same time it support to convey abstract ideas of simplicity, complexity, growth. Patterns can used to add depth as well as interest to elements of a design. Graphics is the great example of how the pattern works; in general graphic could be composed of some other graphics too.

For example the surface pattern design plays great role and it is enjoyed a bit of a revival in recent years. It is the new wave for the illustrators and designer, of course it is the growing trend for decorated objects. Making use of the pattern articulate messages in design is help to experience great benefits.  Before going to use the pattern you should think about some key factors.

 Choosing the perfect pattern is the crucial factor of course it plays great role in the work of art channeling influences from the design era.

  1. BittBox:

Bittbox offers great opportunities to choose best textures and patterns like it offer royalty free textures which can be used for both commercial as well as the personal projects. Even you can get the occasional articles from this site which helps to find the right way of using texture and patterns in the graphic designs.

  1. Seamless Textures:

 It is the most popular free website that offers great choices to the user. Seamless Textures offers high-quality textures and patterns, this site can be repeated infinitely without showing any edges. Even these are highly used in 3D design graphic designs, website backgrounds, and desktop wallpapers.

  1. Deviant Art

Deviant Art is one of the most popular design communities because this site has great number of the design resources, these resources also available for free. At the same time, it showcasing and selling their works, most of the designers and artists choosing right recourse from this free site. This site also shares free textures as well as patterns to the members & non-members across the globe.

  1. Grunge Textures

 It is the wonderful site that provides high quality background textures and patterns for different purposes like it help for photographers, digital arts, especially it plays vital role in the creative designers.  Even the free textures are also available in 900×600 px size, at the same time you can choose the textures with higher resolution.

  1. Pattern8

Pattern8 is the great site that has gallery style thumbnail layout; with the help of this user can have chances to quickly view a large amount of texture as well as patterns at the single time. Even this site also has nifty filter feature that help you lot. By visiting this site you can download free patterns and textures designs.

  1. PatternCooler

PatternCooler is one of the most excellent sites because user can get seamless patterns by visiting this site, by choosing the patters or texture you also have chances to modify the color, resize as well as rotate. After making some changes you have chances to store them into the PatternCooler account.

  1. The Variant

The Variant is the ultimate design hub where people have chances to download different textures and patterns for use in designs. In general the patterns are grouped into some interesting and useful categories like Striped and Geometric by the way people have chances to choose the most suitable choices.

  1. Portfelia:

Portfelia is the personal site which helps for designer to choose patterns. This site provides chance to select a beautiful array of graphic design patterns, these elements also available at free of cost so you can easily choose the best options to meet your exact needs. Before going to use the patters you may read the terms of use for them.

  1. Rainbow Row Graphic

Rainbow Row Graphic is the popular site that offers solid set of great-looking patterns and tiles so you can download the patterns without spending money. This site offer two main types of patterns such as Plaid & Patterned Tiles, you can find the best patterns under some logical group.

  1. Patterrific:

Patterrific is the blog-style site that offers beautiful as well as note-worthy graphic design patterns, with the help of this you can make helpful posts which help to showcase the users’ designs.

  1. Background Archive:

Background Archive is the ideal destination to find best background patterns so you can download suitable pattern with ease. You can find precisely background pattern to meet your exact needs.

  1. Gallerie:

Gallerie is an excellent German site and you have chances to downloadable patterns based on your exact needs as well as requirements that help to continue the designing process in the proper manner.

  1. Pattern Head

Pattern Head is one of the blog-style sites and this site featured with beautiful graphic design patterns, you can download these patterns at free of cost, like beautiful vintage patterns available at this site so you can download attractive patterns to ensure your graphic designs.

  1. One Odd Dude

One Odd Dude also has Textures section, this site provides large variety of stock textures that you have chances to filter by category. Most of the users filter the textures by popularity and user rating.

  1. GRSites

GRSites is the most popular directory-style resource center that helps to find the best background textures.  With the help of this you can easily find the most attractive background patterns on the web.

  1. Ava7Patterns

Ava7Patterns is the right platform to find beautiful patterns; you can download impressive patters without spending money. At the same time you can search patterns based on the categories.

  1. Templateyes

Templateeyes committed to offers more than hundred beautiful background patterns so you can download these patterns to use in graphic design.

  1. Patterns of Change

Patterns of Change is the ultimate site that offer unique patterns, you can find truly brilliant graphic design patterns by visiting this site, in order to find the best patterns you no need to spend money because all the patterns available at free.

  1. Mayang Textures

 This site have more than 4350 free to download by visiting this site you can download the high-resolution textures of course you can get the texture  without spending money.

  1. Free Stock Textures

 This site has more that hundred category-wise textures.  At the same time it offer great colors option so you can easily find the best textures based on your color preferences.

  1. Free Seamless Textures

This site  provides growing collection of seamless textures, patterns and backgrounds at free of cost, by using this you can continue your graphic design projects.

  1. Vector Valley

Vector Valley is the best platform for the vectors, because this site provides section on patterns these are simply gorgeous. In order to download the vector-based background patterns consider visiting this site.

  1. Kaliber1000

Kaliber1000 is the great destination to fine beautiful as well as distinctive collection of pixel patterns. In general patterns crafted  by using style of  the pixel art that offer great benefits to the user rather than it is the most effective site to download patterns without spending any money. So it is highly beneficial for the graphic designer to find the best patterns.


In the graphic design both texture and patterns plays important role and it gives great functionality to the design. Due to this the designers also focus on these two important factors to design the website in the careful manner. Before going to use any kind of texture or patterns you need to get proper ideas about how to use these elements in the graphic design. The designer also recognizes that different patterns and textures. These are highly affects interest in different ways. First of all these are highly used to increase interest in a composition because it help to adding variety without changing its value relationships and color.


Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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