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It’s time to improve your search engine visibility – Twelve useful tactics that you can use

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SEO is not dead! And as long as there are search engines, SEO will continue to exist. Today, a huge part of online visibility initiatives is fuelled by mobile marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and many more. In the presence of these online marketing channels, SEO will continue to grow, adapt and incorporate the essential elements to evolve into a developed marketing strategy.

Google gets 6 billion searches per day on an average. Do you want to maximize your leads, brand awareness, customer loyalty and website traffic? If yes, SEO should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Discussed below are useful, actionable SEO tips that will enhance the search engine visibility of your brand.

1. Carry out an SEO audit for your website

You need to resolve the mistakes that adversely affect your search engine rankings. You can use tools like Google Webmaster Tools or Screaming Frog for detecting the errors, such as:

  • Sitemap issues
  • 404 errors
  • Redirects
  • Broken links
  • Canonical errors

Other than these two tools, you can conduct a manual investigation of your website. It will help you assess the user experience and content quality.

2. Opt-in for long-tail keyword depending on your target location

You can be more elaborate with your Meta descriptions and titles depending on the target location. You can also get in touch with firms that offer SEO London Expert services to do this for you. It will enhance your local search visibility. Additionally, it will help you reach out to your target customers.

3. Update copyright notice

And you should do it in the website’s footer. Some sites don’t update the year notice automatically in their copyright notice. The footer gets shown on each website page. Hence, when it’s not updated, the search engines might interpret your complete website as outdated.

4. Analyse and research your competition and other market players

Make use of Google to identify websites and companies that can be your competitors. Make use of tools like SimilarSites to locate sites based on topics, searches, and visitors. Once you have identified other similar market players in your niche, location and products research their websites. Find out their strengths, content quality and assess how you can improve your site.

5. Recognize the keywords that your competitors use

You can make use of tools like Aherfs, Keywordspy, Semrush and many more to recognize the keywords used by other market players and competitors. Using these tools, you can also find out domain/page authority, rankings, and backlinks. Identifying and understanding your SEO competition is essential. It will help you come up with SEO strategies that will help you outrank the competition on SERP’s.

6. Get back your earlier high rankings

You might have been at the top list of Google for a set of selected keywords owing to your rich content a year back. And due to the influx of fresh content indexed by Google and developed by publishers, your content might not make it to the top rank any further. Check the search engine rank of your old content. Know who are your competitors and study their web content thoroughly. Update your old content in a way that it appeals to the online customers. Create better and fresh content to keep your page or website competitive.

7. Engage in video marketing

You can enhance the search engine visibility of your brand in the video results page. A useful tactic is to generate informative videos and then upload them to your YouTube Channel. It will help you optimize your business as well. You will get to experience visibility to a broader online domain where global customers can reach you.

8. Maximize your visibility in the search engine news results

You can touch base with the news websites and publications and request them to write about your start-up business or brand. Are you blogging about the recent trends and news specific to your industry vertical? If yes, you can share your blog at Yahoo News and Google News.

9. Opt-in for business listings in the local directories

It is essential that you are visible on the Google Map search. Go to Google My Business and submit your business listing. Make sure to verify the business location as well. Also go ahead and get listed on places like Yahoo Local listing, Bing Places for Business, Foursquare, Yelp and many other local directories. It will enhance your local search engine visibility.

10. Ensure your products/services are rated and reviewed on review sites

Ratings and product reviews on Foursquare, Google Places, Yelp and other authority sites lead to a high rank on SERP’s. To attain increased search engine visibility, you must request your customers to review your business. Registered users in these review sites will find it easy to write reviews. It will act as a word of mouth publicity that will help other customers know about your brand through customer reviews and ratings.

11. Increase the type of content you are sharing

Go ahead and curate more rich content. It could be anything from infographics, documents, mini-infographics, presentations and many more. You can share the presentations and online materials to your Scribd accounts and also Slideshare site. Let your blog carry the mini-infographic and infographics. Also, delve deep into the social media channels and make relevant posts, comments, and share posts to maximize the social media engagements.

12. Start investing in the social media ads

Want to boost the best blog post you have on social media? If yes, then opt-in for LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads as well as Twitter Ads. It will help your posts to become viral. Furthermore, it will maximize the social media authority of the website. Boosting your social media visibility will also enhance your search engine visibility. You don’t have to do it on all social media platforms. You can select the social media networks apt for you and boost your search engine visibility.

Every brand, online business (big, small or mid-sized) and established brands wants to improve its online visibility. It is essential that customers should learn about and remember your brand amongst a pool of other brands and companies that are walking into the online domain. Want to enhance your online visibility seamlessly? If yes, start with any or a combination of these above-discussed strategies, and you can enjoy increased brand visibility and recall value.

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