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Using Twitter for SEO Gains – Tips for Selecting The Right Approach and Applying The Correct Techniques!

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Spreading your website identity across the social media is a must for leveraging SEO. Google attaches much importance to social signals that emanate from the social media channels and takes into account the follower count to gauge the authority and relevance of content. It uses the social media cues to prioritize what to index. To give Google heads up about indexing preferred content that is valuable to you from the business perspective, you have to be active across the social media platform. If you are still wondering which social media channel to focus on, then let there be no doubt that Twitter, with its 330 million user base as of 1st January 2018, is perhaps the most prominent social influencer after Google Plus, and it has a significant impact on search results and SEO.

Twitter is a massive platform for sharing content and advertising services and products. It took Twitter just ten years to attract 330 million users, and it is a sign that people have consistently benefited from the platform. Besides building brand value, Twitter provides vast and diverse outreach that enriches your kitty of shares, comments, and likes that have a substantial positive impact on search engines in improving search rankings. Now the question that you are likely to ask is how to get started with Twitter. Keep reading to know the answer and more.

Promote your brand and content

By seeking support from affordable Los Angeles SEO services, you get direction about proper Twitter promotions that consists of the following:

  • Twitter ads – For gaining wide-scale visibility to grow the audience and generate more leads, Twitter ads are unbeatable. It thus becomes evident that the gains in earning higher ranks multiply many times by posting content on Twitter. When you want to target some specific audience, you will find Twitter great. Keep promoting your own trends or tags to enjoy high success because the more people use the tags more exposure you receive.
  • Promoted tweetsPromoted tweets help to reach out to a broader network of the audience and create better engagement. These are nothing but tweets that you have to purchase, and it carries the label of promoted tweets. These tweets are useful for reaching out to users who do not follow you and they can re-tweet it.
  • Promoted accounts – Promoted accounts help to place your Twitter account in front of targeted users for better interaction. Since this section of the audience takes an interest in you, the gains are noticeable. Promoted accounts have explicit tags, and it gives you an edge in the competition to gain visibility.

Besides promoting the account, you have to take some more actions in optimization that ultimately strengthens SEO.

Make use of targeted keywords

The concept of keyword optimization for websites applies to Twitter too. Since you want to use Twitter for SEO benefits, it is a smart move to add keywords in the Twitter bio so that it becomes easy for Google to relate to your account by linking to the keywords.  The caption of images and your tweets are the other places for using keywords. Users who are looking for the keywords or terms on Twitter would reach your page. It enhances the exposure of the tweets, which in turn boosts SEO. The keyword searches on the Twitter account happens in the same way as done by Google as it matches even wrongly spelled keywords with broad matches.

Address a selected audience

By using the feature of choosing a new audience on Twitter, you can address a specific audience. After selecting the feature, you can add keywords to the ad campaign. This method ensures that the ads appear in searches and in the timeline of the audience too. If you have any preference of some tweets, you can even customize the place where the tweet should appear. All these you can do with just a few clicks.

Exploit relevant hashtags

Select hashtags with due care because these are the prime drivers of the Twitter campaign. Hashtags have to be relevant, and you can link it trending topics that help to garner more attention. Prepare well by researching before you make the first move in using hashtags so that you can figure out what a tag means before you decide to use it. It is crucial to understand how the hashtag has originated because it carries hints about how relevant it would be for you. Creating branded hashtag is an excellent way of promoting your brand, as other Twitter users would use it when they share content that features your brand.

Get close to the audience with Twitter’s customized trends

To obtain a list of topics related to your location and users of your interest whom you follow, make use of the feature of Tailored Trends. By choosing subjects that the audience also likes, you get the opportunity of getting close to the audience and derive the best results. You can change the location with a click to meet your business needs.

Create tweets with images and videos

Images and videos are as useful for Twitter as on any other media and if you are not already using it in your tweets start doing it immediately. Capitalize on the high attraction of images and videos because tweets with pictures and videos earn 18% more clicks. Moreover, the majority of Twitter users (82%) consume videos on the platform. Since more clicks translate into better search rankings, it is a great way to give your SEO a shot in the arm.

Share links

Sharing links on Twitter gives more power to the campaign because the more you share links more you can extend the reach of the web pages and content. Knowing that Google provides recognition to links, a quick way to ride on the powers of Twitter is to tweet URLs. Sharing links makes promoting the content easy.

Scheduling tweets help to maintain consistency and you must know the right times to tweet when your followers are most active on the platform.

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