It’s high time you heard of Apple Search Ads

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Officially launched in October 2016, Apple search ads have already started changing how apps present themselves to the millions of Apple users, increasing not just theirs but also the brand’s profits. The success stories of this are already growing by manifold, with each of them coming up with the same experience of a high return, greater visibility, and an increase in downloads, all with the support of a team that understands what the app companies are looking for.

So now that you have launched your app in the Apple store, it’s time to discuss the ads format with the iPhone apps development company you used to develop your app. But before you do, it’s time you learn all about it. Let us start –

Knowing how 50 to 60% of the apps are downloaded after searching for them on the store, Apple followed what Google has been seeing for the past 1 year: it is now giving the developers and/or publishers the option to show their ads as a highlighted portion in the store.

So how does it work?

In layman terms, the Apple Ads work similar to Google AdWords, the store’s search engine place your ad on similar app search page on the basis of the reference. Here the importance is not giving to the highest bid but the relevance it has to a search page. Also, you won’t have to submit a different ad copy, the store will take up the image and description from the app’s metadescription itself.

What are the limitations on the Ad?

Apple has laid down some criteria that need to be fulfilled for your ad to appear on the search page. Some of them are –

  1. App must be according to Apple’s guidelines
  2. Should not have defamatory, adult, controversial, falsified, and misleading content as all of these categories are prohibited.
  3. Age restricted and Pharmaceutical content will be restricted by Apple as it feels right according to its policies
  4. Lastly, it is developers responsibility to see to the following –

4.1 The app title, images, previews, and description on the App Store precisely reflects the app’s intent.

4.2 Use of the Apple products, name, logo, or any other brand characteristics without getting approval is forbidden.

How do you advertise on Apple store?

A good ad strategy can place you on the top of the Apple Store’s search engine results. It is very crucial for your app to be optimized according to the app store guidelines before you invest in ad. You should start by keeping aside a campaign cost for Apple’s Cost per Tap payment system. You need to heighten your chances through bidding judiciously as Apple only allows only one ad for a search. So, choose the device and your target audience wisely, depending on features of the app. Plan the timing of your app and keep testing the app regularly to make sure you get more installs.

What all regions is the Apple Search Ads working currently?

Apple Ads are currently in US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. It is only a matter of time that it will be made available everywhere. If your target customers belong to these regions, don’t waste anther second in investing in Apple ads

What is the Click Per Tap method?

Pricing method followed by Apple is the cost-per-tap model (CPT), you only have to pay when the user clicks/taps on the ad. The definite cost of a tap comes after a second price auction that measures the CPT you pay on the basis of what your closest competitor is ready to pay for a click on his/her ad, equal to your maximum bid: meaning you can bid without the tension of overpaying.

Have you tried Apple Ads yet? Let us know in the comments below

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