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Top 5 WooCommerce Plugins to Make Website Administration More Efficient

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Plugins-WordPressManaging an ecommerce website is not easy and with emerging trends and variations, it gets tougher by the minute. Luckily, there are some fantastic tools out there that can help you with website management.

These tools can save your time, effort and automate steps for you!

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 plugins that are great for e-store management.

Top 5 WooCommerce Plugins 

Below is a list of the top 5 WooCommerce plugins that every e-store owner should try out:

  • Country Restrictions For WooCommerce
  • ATUM Inventory Management
  • Status and Order Tracking
  • Order Delivery Date
  • Product Recommendation Engine

Now let’s talk about each of the above plugins in detail. 

  • Country Restrictions for WooCommerce by Addify

If you want to hide prices or the “add to cart” buttons for certain products, you can use the woocommerce restrict product by country. This plugin hides prices and add-to-cart buttons for selected countries.

You can even remove certain products that you don’t want to show in some countries. To do that you can use rule-based management. To save time, you can create multiple rules so that different visibility settings apply to different countries.

When you make changes at the product level, you can add custom messages to replace the price and add to cart options. You can add a link in place of a button. If you don’t want to add anything, you can leave the place blank too.

About payment methods, you can hide them as well from certain regions. To do that go to the “Payment Method Settings”. From there you can select the payment methods you wish to hide.


  • Hide product prices
  • Hide “Add to cart” buttons
  • Add custom messages in place of price and “Add to cart”
  • Set visibility settings in bulk and at the product level
  • Hide payment methods for certain regions


To install the plugin you should firstly download the .zip file from your account. Go to the WordPress Admin, click Plugins then click Add New and then Upload Plugin.

Then click Install Now and Activate.


The plugin costs $39 annually. 

  • ATUM Inventory Management by Stock Management Labs

ATUM is a very useful and time-saving plugin that helps you better manage your ecommerce store.

ATUM is a free of cost inventory management tool for Woo-Commerce. The ATUM dashboard is easy to understand and can help you with daily management tasks. It offers documentation and support along with stats to stay ahead of the curve.

The dashboard helps with stock management and with add-ons, you can quickly grow your business.


  • Brings all WooCommerce products in one place
  • Displays short names of products with their SKU and IDs
  • Has image thumbnails for easier and faster identification
  • Shows product list with supplier names
  • Auto-fill feature and advance search
  • Offers support for variable products by WooCommerce
  • Offers PDF export of inventories
  • Provides hierarchy tracking of locations
  • Comes with an easy reload feature without losing any filters


Go to Plugins settings in your WordPress admin. Click Add New. Search for the plugin, install it, and then click activate.


The plugin is available for free. You can buy premium features if needed.

1. Status and Order Tracking by Etoile Web Design

The Status and Order Tracking plugin helps store owners better manage projects, orders, shipments, and many other items on the website.

The plugin makes use of tickets and updates for order tracking that one can view from the front end. All of this becomes possible through easy-to-use order shortcodes. Gutenberg blocks are used to display tracking and order forms.


  • Order and shipment tracking
  • Status Update feature for orders, shipments, etc.
  • Choose what info is shown about orders when you enter the shortcode on the page
  • Simple and easy order and status tracking

Additional features:

  • Customizable and responsive CSS
  • Delete or hide orders
  • Order alert emails
  • Order update info
  • Ajax order tracking
  • Results can be opened in a new window
  • Time Zone setting


Go to Plugins settings in your WordPress admin. Click Add New. Search for the plugin, install it, and then click activate.

Cost: open source

  • Order Delivery Date Pro by Tyche Softwares

Online orders can be overwhelming at times. With different orders coming from different regions, at different times, things can get confusing.

To make your life easy, you can opt for the Order Delivery Date plugin. With it you can better manage orders by scheduling them. You can allow customers (locals) to choose delivery times and dates.

Depending on the days (weekdays or weekends) you can set different charges. The orders can be synced with Google Calendar for easier management as well.


  • Set business and deliver days separately as needed
  • Use multi-lingual calendars for delivery dates
  • Reschedule deliver dates
  • Allow customers to reschedule delivery dates
  • Use WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method Plugin
  • Use shipping zones, product categories & shipping classes to create shipping schedules
  • Automatically populate first available delivery dates


Download the plugin and move it to your plugins folder. The delivery date field will show up on the checkout form.


For a single store, the plugin will cost $99.00, for 5 stores it’s for $199.00, and for unlimited stores, it’s for $249.00. 

  • Product Recommendation Engine by Element Stark

Product suggestions are great ways to bring in customers. They help customers buy the right products and help brands market their products. If you want to use an effective tool to recommend products to customers then you should try out the Product Recommendation Engine.

It allows you to use Netflix and Amazon-style product suggestions that are both effective and attractive to customers.

The plugin works automatically and suggests products to users based on purchase history, view history, and frequently purchased products.


  • Offers Netflix and Amazon style product suggestions
  • Offers suggestions automatically
  • Provides suggestions based on purchase history, view history, frequently purchased products
  • Suggest products that are bought in bundles

Cost: $79 is charged annually.


In this article, we went through 5 eCommerce plugins that are ideal for WooCommerce website management.

The Country Restrictions plugin by Addify is great for restricting product information in certain regions of the world. ATUM Inventory Management tool is very useful for inventory management.

For order tracking and management, the Status and Order Tracking is a great option to keep you up-to-date with all the orders and shipments on your website.

For order scheduling, you can try out the Order Delivery Date Pro plugin which comes with tons of easy-to-use features.

Lastly, the Product Recommendation Engine is a great way to suggest products to your audience effectively based on smart analytics.

All of the above plugins can greatly help you manage your website well while saving time for other important factors!

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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