How to Write Best Content for Affiliate Marketing and Niche Sites

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Content marketing is one of the strongest forms of marketing today. Affiliate marketing is an important link in the content marketing chain and more and more bloggers and content writers are actively using it for monetizing their blogs.

In short, affiliate marketing is about promoting a product or service on your page in order to earn a commission from it. It does sound simple but it still requires some strategic thinking and following some essential rules. So, the main question is, do you actually know how to write content for affiliate marketing and niche sites? If the answer’s no, and you feel insecure about your affiliate marketing writing skills, don’t despair. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about writing content for affiliate marketing and niche sites.

1.     Focus on the Value

No matter what you’re writing and what your intentions are, your number one concern is always the readers.

Your readers deserve only the best, and you cannot make a compromise when it comes to their satisfaction.

Your readers expect:

  • valuable information
  • quality content
  • trustworthiness
  • entertainment
  • answers

Therefore, you shouldn’t build the article around the affiliate marketing. It should be vice versa.

Start building your article around an idea suitable for your readers and then find ways of inserting affiliate marketing. Make the readers’ satisfaction your number one goal, and make the affiliate marketing fit that context.

2.     Be Picky About Affiliate Products

Monetizing your content is great and there’s nothing wrong with earning some money from your blog. However, you need to find balance between pleasing your audience and bombarding them with advertisement.

In order for you to write affiliate marketing content your readers will love, you need to make it relevant. That means you have to be very careful about choosing the products you want to incorporate into your writing and serve to your readers.

Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Quality

Is the product you’re about to recommend to your readers any good? Do you know enough about it to claim it’s perfect for them?

Before you make the step of writing about a product or service, you need to be absolutely certain you know what you’re writing about. There are two ways for you to do this:

Only once you’ve confirmed the product is of high quality and potentially great for your readers should you recommend it.

  • Relevance

Do your readers have a reason to care about this product? Is it relevant to the content they’re reading?

In order to make the affiliate marketing work, you need to have a firm connection between the content of the article and the product. You can’t advertise a coffee machine in an article about hair products.

Make sure the affiliate marketing only enhances the readers’ entire experience, giving them additional reasons to finish reading feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

To put it simply, you have to stay in touch with the niche and what the readers came to read about. There’s no room for randomness.

3.     Be Informative

Useful and relevant information is pure gold when it comes to content marketing. Your readers are reading your content for a reason: to add value to their lives and learn about the things that interest them.

This means it’s your task to provide highly informative content and answer all the questions about the subject matter that the readers might have.

Thus, when writing content for affiliate marketing and niche sites, make sure to:

  • Research thoroughly

You need to always walk the extra mile when it comes to research. Don’t be sloppy in information seeking and make sure the sources you use are reliable and authoritative.

  • Go into detail

Give your readers the ultimate guide or the best possible answer to the question they have. Make sure they end up reading your text feeling accomplished and satisfied. Don’t let them continue their search and end up on someone else’s website.

  • Write Clearly

Structure your content in a way which allows the readers to scan it and still get the answer they need. This includes using:

  • lists
  • bullet points
  • tables
  • subheadings
  • bold and italics

John Pearson, a freelance writer, and blogger at says: „The structural details will enhance the readers’ experience and help him locate the most important information in your text in no time“.

Use these little tricks to seal the deal with as many readers as possible and have them come back for more.

4.     Anchors

When you’re inserting affiliate links in your content, you need to be very careful about how you’re doing it.

Your readers don’t like to be disturbed by a bunch of irrelevant links which add no value to the content. This is why you need to use anchors cleverly.

Instead of using anchors such as: click here to find out or go here to see how it works, you should find a more natural way of placing links in the text.

Here’s how to handle anchors:

  • Make it fit the text
    Make the anchor a part of the text by using a phrase which fits in with the rest of the content. Find a way to insert a phrase which makes the reader want to click the link, but if he doesn’t, the sentence still makes sense to him. The following example clarifies this approach.

“It’s never easy to recognize which coffee machines are the best ones out there.”

  • Make it subtle
    Your readers don’t want to feel like they’re just a part of a marketing strategy. This is why affiliate links need to be placed subtly and wisely.

Anchors will either make or break your content which is why you need to be smart about using them.


Writing content for affiliate marketing is all about taking care of your readers and making smart choices which benefit everyone. If you manage to have happy readers on one hand and monetized content on the other, you have it all. It’s that simple, all you have to do is learn how to write it.

Therefore, make sure to follow the advice we’ve provided above and make the best out of your affiliate marketing content, today.

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