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Graphic Design Services List – Logos, Branding, and Web

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In graphic design, it is believed that while some brands create logos, some logo designs create the brands. Often businesses look for the best graphic design services which can provide their marketing strategies with the well-needed boost. Why? It is because of the proven fact that visuals impact sales more than anything else. Just as in the case of a product, packaging makes a huge difference in its perception for a potential user. In the digital world, this responsibility lies on the shoulders of the graphic designers.

Graphic designers keep coming up with new and innovative designs to stand out and make an impression in the viewer’s mind. This is done with a motive to stand apart from the competition. No matter whether the business is small or big, the graphic design services cannot vary.

Here are some of the prominent graphic design services that can help your business grow exponentially.

Logo Design

Logo design can be considered as your business’s first handshake. It is the first aspect noticed by a viewer and perhaps remembers your brand just because of its design. Not only should a logo design be appealing to the masses, but it should also mean business. Usually, people tend to use clipart and basic icons for logo design but it is imperative to note that a logo should be timeless. Clipart or icons may be a trend for some time, but while the trends come and go, a logo is still there. As a business owner, one must pay careful attention to the logo as it is associated with the business’s identity. Before finalizing a design take a pause, analyze and evaluate what is your business and down the road, what you envision it to be. This will help define what is expected out from the logo. Finalizing a logo design is definitely not easier if not harder.

Catrin Irwin, web designer for different websites including BestUKWriters reveals: “As a graphic designer, it is essential to understand the client’s needs and expectations. Try to learn more about their business, the product/service, audience, marketing channels etc.”

This will not only ensure that you guide your clients towards a good choice but can also provide you with an inspiration to create a striking custom logo design.

Web Design

While for some businesses, websites function as a store, for some businesses it can act as a portfolio or even an online sales pitch. Good website design is defined as one which has a great UI. A user interface is considered good only when it helps the viewer/user accomplish a task easily and efficiently.

Have you noticed that for some sites, it is difficult to locate a certain function or page; while in some cases they are laid out beautifully and are even easily accessible? As a user which website would you consider revisiting? The later, of course!  Therefore, while it is important to create a website for a successful digital presence, it is equally essential to use a clean and visually appealing web design.

“As a designer, you must pay attention to how a user experiences your web design,” explains Kelsey Pace, UX writer at 99homeworkhelp.com. “It is not just about putting all the desired material on web design. All the elements must create a harmonious image and present the user with an appealing visual.”

This is why many graphic design experts advocate that “design is more about an experience than a mere image”. A clean and simple web design acts as a platform for the user to pay undivided attention to the content.

Print Design

Some traditional aspects of the business have still retained their charm, even in this booming era of digital marketing. From the business card, brochure to letterheads, these traditional mediums of marketing still prove to be quite effective in relaying the message. With the advancement of technology and an array of graphic design tools available today, it is easier to transfer designs from digital to traditional media. But this does not lessen the importance of an elegant and thought out design in the branding and sales.

Important business literature such as brochures, product catalogs, flyers, etc. need carefully crafted designs that don’t steal away the limelight from the content.

A great way to optimize and start branding is using consistent designs across the digital media and the printed business literature. Well-designed and printed business stationery imparts a professional look to your business as a client can feel these in the hand and take them along which makes a lasting impact.

Social Media Design

With Internet and electronic devices becoming easily accessible and affordable, social media has a reach like never before. This has resulted in a vast platform for digital marketing. It has given a stage for marketers to reach out to people from across the globe and create effective marketing strategies. The wide reach of social media demands a huge variation in the design and tone of the graphic designs. While some designs are to the point and neatly organized, some designs are aimed to create intrigue or even provide detailed information.

For example, the social media graphics for a pediatric clinic and toddler clothing line will have the same target audience: parents of toddlers. Their social media designs will have some similarities along with a major variation in tone. While the social media designs for both the businesses have colorful and adorable colors and icons, the clinic’s designs would be informative. The designs for the clothing line can be humorous and focused on the sale of their products.

When it comes to social media designs, a graphic designer’s work is cut out. Not just because it is important for the potential user to take notice of the design, but a graphic designer must pay attention to the technical constraints as well. For example, if a design is being created for a Facebook Ad, it should not be text rich as it decreases the reach of a Facebook Ad. Hence, it becomes essential to understand the real-time purpose of a social media design as well as its role in the business’s marketing plan.

Packaging Design

Have you ever purchased a product just because of how it looked? Or have you ever preferred buying a product over the other only because its packaging was better? In both the cases, it is safe to say that the packaging design team did accomplish their goal nicely.

Businesses with retail as well as online stores need to pay attention to packaging design when they are selling a product. A retail buyer, as well as an e-commerce shopper, will have endless choices when it comes to choosing a product. A packaging design which is visually appealing gives the product a lift and a chance to make an impression in spite of all the surrounding noise.

“When a buyer makes a purchase, there is much more at play than pure logic. At times, there are certain emotional and social cues that trigger a purchase for a buyer,” emphasizes Elara Sears, head of the marketing department at TheEssayTyper. A packaging designer must pay attention to the correct use of color, shape, and typography in order to capture the potential buyers’ attention.

Branding and Design

Graphic services are essential for the overall branding of the business. Creating a brand is a collective effort and needs all marketing aspects to be on point, right from logo design, website design, business cards, letterheads and envelopes, catalogs, manuals, social media covers, infographics, and even emails. It is a presentation of your business which attempts at creating a perception in the mind of the viewer. Hence, it is crucial that your marketing plan and graphic design services are always in sync. For example, in order to be branded and perceived as professional, a PR firm would use clean and elegant graphics, website layout and stationery design with a grown-up or classic fonts. Your brand design must project the required image to the masses and make lasting impressions.

Lauren Redman, marketing specialist at FlyWriting shares from her experience: “Often, business owners choose a few items from the vast and critical graphics services list in order to save some bucks, ignoring the fact that all these designs together showcase their business’ personality.”

As a graphic designer, it becomes even more pivotal to talk to the clients in-depth and gain insights on what their brand means. Their vision towards their brand helps in creating meaningful and useful designs for their business. Branding is a long process and in order for it to be successful, it should tell the right story.


All the services listed in this graphic services list are beneficial for a business. While some services like Social Media with the use of Facebook Ads, Google Ads and website help promote your business. Services such as packaging design help sell the product. Each has its own set of advantages and unique styles of deployment as a marketing technique.

The design is considered to be a smart investment for any business, no matter how small or large the size is. A powerful design provides the business with an edge over the competition.

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