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How to Make Profit from Social Media Marketing

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Social-Media-MarketingWe live in a world where social media is the most popular term among us and its impact on our daily life cannot be ignored. Almost all the companies from startup to multinationals are curious to make their presence on Social Media.

The purpose is to make more customers and make the profit from them and it’s estimation that within five years the budget for social media marketing is almost increasing to double.

But only investment is not enough as we required planned strategy and consistent effort to make the profit from social media marketing. If you use social media in a perfect way you can double your sales within few days or weeks.social_media_plan

Let’s discuss some key features which can be used as the tool to make the profit from social media marketing.


To start profitable social media marketing we should have a proper strategy. You must have knowledge of how to make good relationship and what to be promoted in cyberspace. With that, you should have knowledge of latest technology as they are designed to change very quickly and sometimes may obsolete. So for social media marketing, a very well planned strategy play a big role.


Today’s world is full of competition and the customers are all over the world so it’s not easy to get them without proper use of marketing strategies.

Unlike the old days where the strategy consists only words of mouth and other obsolete ways but now it’s time of technology so better to reach your customer through social media and know their interest and the tool they preferred to use. So the point is to just engage your customer in some positive conversation and try to learn what they demands. The benefit is that your conversation will be noticed by your potential customers and sooner or later they will start interacting with you about your product or business. Be sure that your conversation ends with a positive note as it affects your reputation.


A proper selection of Social media tool is required to increase your business as we all know that social media platform is all about open information distribution.  There are very few tools that provide tighter integration between social conversation and commerce online. So make a selection very wisely and select the one which can benefit you and your audience.

You can use Social media platform like Pinterest in which you can simply pin your product and increase awareness about your product. You have to just create your account and engage in some community to increase your presence online.

Again it is all depend upon your targeted audience’s behavior and nature. You need to know on which platform your most of the audience is. If it is on Facebook, use Facebook or if it is on another, then use that one.

Creative writing

Yes, your writing can play a vital role in increasing your brand awareness and sales for your business. An eye-catching description can compel anyone to view your link or product shared on social media. And if the visitor will genuine, he will surely convert into your customer.

So the most important thing you need in your social media marketing is creative writing. If you can attract your visitor from your compelling headline, then it is waste of time. Always write creative and engaging headlines and descriptions for your products or social media post.

Measure, analyze, respond

Social media is great because there’s so much information available, but don’t get sidetracked with vanity metrics like # of Fans or Followers. These don’t translate well to conversion, so keep your eye on the ball. Assess things related to making money with social media — things like reach, SEO, and conversion. Be sure to assess these metrics in a way that helps you focus your efforts on creating more content that performs well.

Don’t bury your head in the sand. Listen. It’s important, as mentioned above, the listen and responds to both positive and negative comments and answer questions quickly.

Be authentic

Social media isn’t like traditional advertising and it shouldn’t look and feel the same. Social media is a community designed to share comfort, support, information, expertise, and entertainment. You need to develop a voice in social media — one that talks like a real person, shares like a real person, and that people can relate to as a real person. Share your foibles, mistakes, sense of humor, and what’s going on in your life. Let people backstage.


Metrics can include a number of visits, number of impressions, number of views, number of retweets, the number of mentions, etc. Seems like a lot? Then pick just one. What do I suggest? When starting out, your goal should be reached, as in, ‘get the word out there.’ For this, a good metric would be a number of shares. Why didn’t I choose a number of views? Not all page views are treated equal, but a ‘share’ is a specific action that someone did to spread the word to promote you and your business.profit from social media marketing

Be Active

This is the major rule of social media marketing. When you are choosing Social media to promote your business, you need to be active on your social media account. As you know, only active accounts can get highlighted among the majority of audience.

You need to reply your customer’s messages or comments immediately. Be polite and supportive when you are replying to any query of your customer. Keep in mind that your politeness can win some good customer for your business.

Never Bore Your Audience

Do you like any page or account which on promote their products only? I never love or like these kind of pages or accounts. And there are many like me who don’t love to see only promotional content. They want variations.

So always try to provide different kind of stuff to your audience so they can engage with you and your business. Never post only promotional stuff. Keep them fresh by providing quotes, jokes and other kind of stuff.


As we all know that Social media marketing is the backbone of many businesses and big companies if you are a beginner then you can earn money through Freelancing and various other means such as creative writing and YouTube (channel) monetization. A big company can spend some more and may increase their customer base and also can make the profit from them, we can build the reputation for a brand with increase online presence among the world’s buyer. So considering all these points we can easily make the profit from social media marketing and also can start work on your own as a freelancer or a startup.

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