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How Custom Mobile Apps Can Be a Boon to Employee Productivity

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custom-mobile-appsFrom paying bills to interacting, mobile devices have become a central part of our everyday lives. In last several years, it has been analyzed that organizations can also acquire immediate value and increased employee productivity from mobile apps.

A research says that employees spend more than 2.5 hours every day on their mobile devices. Why not go for custom mobile app development to increase their productivity and achieve an increased level of employee satisfaction?

Defining Goals of an Enterprise Mobile App

The ultimate goal of every enterprise’s application is to increase employee productivity and organize the operation process. However, before going for custom mobile app development, it is important to define the key requirements to meet employees’ expectations as well.

One of the best ways to choose the right case is to pick an employee from the field service worker of your organization and step into his shoes. Walk a day or two in his shoes to find out what the employee does on daily basis. What are his day-to-day errands that can be eased or can be made more effective with an application? Once you get the pain points, define the requirements accordingly to make your app a huge success for your organization.

This strategy might not fit in any huge organization. In that case, interview your employees and ask them what feature in an app can help them in their day-to-day tasks.

Key Benefits of an Enterprise App

Every manager and CIO look constantly to find ways to enhance the productivity of our workforce. Here are some key aspects that you should be considering when developing a custom enterprise application or looking to hire an enterprise application development company for your organization:


The key factor that makes employees more productive with an enterprise application is by enabling more flexibility among employees. With mobile applications, staffs can also be available on the devices and can get some specific work done during the free time such as waiting times or commutes.

Instead of input, employees focus more on outputs and getting tasks done. Where, how and when they get the tasks done completely depends on the employees.


With applications in their mobile devices, employees don’t need to be on their desk to receive or access check or receive important messages or meeting schedules. They can access information wherever and whenever they want. Employees can even track sales, compliance, training and other errands on the mobile app when they are away and can’t access their computer.

This way the employees can access information quickly and can save time by avoiding the time that is spent when looking through computer files or brochures for information.


Another way in which mobile apps increases productivity is by making the employees communicate easier and instantly. A wide range of applications is offering tools to employees that are much easier for messaging then typing and sending an email.

Apps can also be used to assign any urgent work to any employees and to track the progress of the work. You don’t need to start an email and spend hours in sending emails to employees. With push notifications, the employees are notified with new messages instantly which they can access easily regardless of the time and their location. Apps can keep the employees in touch with each other.

Daily tasks

Enterprise applications have more advantages than aforementioned and hence more businesses are incorporating them into their daily business to ease and organize operation processes.

While making fundamental changes, flawless apps are even helping businesses save time and resources in many day-to-day tasks. From compliance to sales, the possibilities are many.

Aspects to Consider When Developing an App for Your Business

When going for custom mobile app development for enterprises, one should always remember that UX is the key to access. Having an application is not enough to increase the employee productivity for any business. It is very important to develop an intuitive and engaging workflow in your mobile app.

A bad User Experience could actually make the user more frustrated and less productive – eventually costing your time, effort and money. Identifying the expected UX to develop a flawless app for your business to see significant growth in your employee’s productivity. To sum up, consider these key aspects when developing an enterprise app for your business model:

  • User Experience to make the app easy-to-use system for your employees
  • Higher performance to make sure that your app does the work your employees want efficiently and in lesser steps and time.
  • Ease of Access to make sure that the app is enjoyed by your employees and is efficient enough.
  • Blend practicality with creativity in the business context to offer best to your customers.

In Closing

An Enterprise application is a widely adopted way to boost employees’ productivity – by increasing efficiency, connecting employees better, and making day-to-day tasks easier for them.

When you launch a flawless enterprise app for your business, you also need to focus on metrics. Measuring the success of the app is equally important as developing it. Define key indicators and incorporate means for measuring those indicators into the app. Use tools to track how your users are interacting with the app and how much time they are spending in accomplishing a specific task.

Mobility is being adopted by many mediums to large enterprises. Applications can help businesses discover ways that offer real value and transform organizations like never before.

Shishir DubeyShishir Dubey, founder of ChromeInfotech.com – a dynamic app development company that gets your app featured in the App Store in record time and budget!

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