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How shop as a customer for woocommerce plugin can help you sell more 

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People just love how adaptive and versatile woo-commerce is. You have a plugin for practically everything your online store requires. Even if there isn’t a ready-made solution that fulfills your requirements, a personalized plugin can be built to be an ideal fit. Employing a custom-made service is always the safest bet for delivering the greatest quality and effortlessly connecting with your website.

Looking for the right WooCommerce plugin to increase your sales? You have to go for the WooCommerce shop as a customer plugin—a plugin that allows you to access your store’s front end as if you were a customer. You can create orders, view customer login history, record orders, and much more. The best part? You get to access all of these fantastic features with a single click.

In this article, we will go over everything about this fantastic woo-commerce plugin, including its benefits, types, features, cost, and so on. Let’s get started.

Benefits of “Shop as a Customer” Plugin 

This simple plugin provides many benefits to store proprietors and managers. Owners can observe their store from a new perspective or move across accounts with a single click. The three most noteworthy benefits of Shopping As A WooCommerce Customer are:

1 – Place Orders Of Registered & Unregistered Clients

This plugin enables you to take orders for clients who are less tech-savvy. Gather order information over the phone and by email, then create an order on their behalf to boost customer conversion. It’s especially useful if you support phone or in-store orders. You can quickly go to a customer’s profile, add their card information, and make orders on their behalf, making it simpler to store order details and customer logs in the database and giving your customers a high level of convenience.

2 – Discover how your users experience your website

When you log in as a customer, you can also examine the ordering system and optimize the shopping experience of the users. Stay signed in for as long as you want to see if your clients are having problems with their orders, subscriptions, or memberships. By switching to their accounts, you can simply see what they see on the front end and debug the issues more efficiently and quickly. Altogether, the plugin makes it easy to assess your store’s features, whether they are user-friendly for customers, and what you can improve further to provide optimum ease.

3 – Keep Track of Your Orders

Lastly, you can keep track of the orders you make via various technical channels, including phone and email. Swiftly switch between user and administrator mode and record all the orders you get. For example, if you ever need to find particular customers, just search their email or name with the plugin.

5 Most Popular Shop as a Customer Plugins in 2022

Choosing which shop as a customer plugin to invest in is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make when enhancing the functionality of your WooCommerce store. Here are some of our favorites:

Login & Shop as Customer:

By koala Apps

This user switcher tool also allows you to log in as a customer on the front end of your store. Switch to customer mode to place orders on their behalf. You can also use this plugin to identify and resolve issues that customers face on your website. Log in as a customer, and assess what customers see and go through your site. Also, examine the product fields and other configurable elements. It is also important to note that, unlike other plugins, the store administrator can also access and modify the My Account page from the front with this plugin. 

Key Features:

  • You can log in as a customer on your store
  • Control the admin-login-history log
  • Smoothly return to the administer mode when you want
  • Change the My Account pages on the frontend
  • Automatically store the information about billing, and shipping too

Shop as a Customer for WooCommerce

By fmeaddons

Navigate the store as a customer to place orders for your clients who are unable to shop on their own. Obtain purchase information from clients via email and phone and then place an order on their behalf. Likewise, as a store manager or administrator, place manual orders through your clients’ accounts. Shop as a customer for woo-commerce can also help you improve the performance of your e-store. Test new features and decide what your customers would like. Switch between the client and administrator interfaces as necessary.


  • Shop as a visitor
  • Put together orders for non-tech-savvy clients
  • Quickly go from the administrator role to a user role 
  • Browse the Login History for Clients
  • Monitor any orders you receive by phone, email, or other ways.
  • Toggling between user and administrator mode is simple.
  • Allow only some user roles to log in as customers.

User Switching for WooCommerce:

by Krokedil

You may switch between a customer and an administrator account with a single click with this plugin. This seamless transition is a fantastic feature for testing situations and aiding clients with any problems that may arise. You can also add a product to your cart and create an order for your customer. Invoice creation is another benefit. The best part? When moving between the customer and administrator accounts, it employs the WordPress cookie authentication system, which boosts security. Thus, switching between accounts is only possible for people who have the authority to edit other users.

Key Features:

  • Place orders
  • Form and send invoices to customers
  • Test environment and help customers with problems if any
  • Automatically filling in the checkout details

Woocommerce Shop As Customer Plugin

By Progos

This is one great offering from Progo, a full-service ecommerce development company. Using this plugin – you can easily shop and function in the name of another user. Browse and utilize your store as a customer, place orders on their behalf, and create and send bills to them. Furthermore, just like you can go to user mode using it, you can go back to Administrator mode as well. One-click will take care of everything. Well, to use all of these functionalities, you must first install the plugin from the woocommerce store.

Key Features:

  • Change to customer
  • Return to the Administrator position
  • Place orders on your customer’s behalf
  • Prepare and send an invoice to the user
  • View and interact with the store as a customer
  • Set the minimum user role required to use it

Shop as Client for WooCommerce 

By Webdados

Shop as Client for WooCommerce by Webdados is another great option to choose if you want to take advantage of all the front-end functionalities of your website. Utilize it to create an order for a registered customer or a new one as if you were a guest. Additionally, you may use it to look up previous clients or orders and to automatically fill up the checkout information; it does this really well. Just so you know, this plugin is especially beneficial for business owners who place orders via phone or email.

Key Features:

  • Place orders on the website using email and phone numbers
  • Quickly create orders for existing users if the website database has their information
  • If the email address isn’t in the database, you can either create a new user or consider the order as if it was placed by a guest

Premium Features:

  • Administrators and store managers can quickly find a customer’s email address and instantly fill out the checkout information.
  • Finalize a purchase and request payment using a false payment gateway 
  • Using the beta option, you can find customers typing their email, first and last names, and company, or phone numbers.
  • Place and initiate an order via a blank checkout form

These were the Top 5 WooCommerce Shop as Customer Plugins for your online store. We hope now you can easily decide which plugin can you use to improve the user experience of your website. 

How to Install the “Shop as customer plugin” in Woocomerce?

Open the woocomerce dashboard and go to Plugins. Select add new, and then search for the plugin required by the developer. After selecting the desired plugin, hit the install & activate the button. Next, go to WP-admin > WPClever > Shop as a Customer to configure the plugin.

After these easy steps, you have your plugin installed and operational on the woocomerce store. Likewise, if you want to deactivate or uninstall an active plugin, proceed to the last step.

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard to deactivate or uninstall a plugin.  Here you’ll find the all activated plugins in your woocomerce store. Choose the plugin you wish to deactivate and then click the Disable or Uninstall option. 

Shop As A Customer Plugins | Cost

Plugins are supplementary, WooCommerce-specific features that you can include in your site to make your ecommerce store more interactive and engaging for customers.

There are several free and premium shop as a customer plugins to pick from, resulting in an infinite number of customized options for your online store. The annual cost of these plugins typically ranges from $29 to $50.

To give you a more detailed analysis, we’ve decided to reveal the prices of some of the most popular shop-as-customer plugins. Check out below:

Shop as a Client for WooCommerce by Webdados: While the plugin is free to use, if you want to access all of the advanced features that Webdados provides with this plugin, you can expect to pay a premium subscription fee of as little as 25.00 € per year. In the premium version, you will be able to search for customers by email address and automatically fill in the purchase details, create a false payment gateway, initiate the transaction with a blank checkout form, and much more.

Shop as a Customer for WooCommerce by FmeAddons: As far as front-end functionality goes, Shop as a Customer for WooCommerce by FmeAddon is top of the market. For just $49, you will be able to visit the front end of your WooCommerce site as a customer and place orders on behalf of non-tech-savvy audiences. 

Login & Shop as Customer by KOala Apps: This plugin is intended to allow you to access your storefront as a client; includes all of the front-end end functionality aspects in a single package. Features include the ability to place orders, keep a log, and troubleshoot issues in the same way as consumers do. The price of Login & Shop as Customer by KOala Apps is $39.

User Switching for WooCommerce by Krokedil: Like all other shop-as-a-customer plugins, User Switching for WooCommerce by Krokedil will also let you place orders on behalf of your customers. However, it is worth noting, that it is the only plugin that employs the WordPress cookie authentication system for switching the modes. The price of this plugin from Krokedil is $49.

Progos’s WooCommerce Shop As Customer plugin: This plugin costs around $29 for a regular license and offers you access to all front-end features. 

Install Shop As Customer for Woocommerce Plugin For More Sales

Shop as a Customer is a very simple and useful plugin, especially for eCommerce store owners with no prior coding expertise. It lets them observe how users interact with their website, their level of satisfaction, and any navigational issues they encounter. With the data they get, they then make further improvements to their site and improve user experience. And as we all know,  the more user-friendly a website is, the more leads it generates. To put it another way, more and more customers will begin visiting your website and the conversion ratio will likewise improve. 


We hope you had as much fun reading this write-up as we did putting it together for you. So far, we’ve looked at the top shop as a customer for woo-commerce plugins, including their benefits, features, and price. We also looked at how the How shop as a consumer for woo-commerce plugin helps you sell more. 

So, hurry up and install one of the fantastic “Login as customer plugins” and watch your sales soar. There is no doubt that using the shop as a customer plugin will elevate your business to new heights like never before!

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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