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Get more Traffic to your site Website with Effective Content Strategy and On-Page SEO Tips

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Search engine optimisation is a process which has been used for driving more traffic to a website. With this process, it is possible to find more potential buyers or customers for an online business. An online business is based on a few pillars. The most important thing is to have a website which comes with all important functional aspects. Thereafter, you need good marketing for your website. With effective web marketing, potential customers can be fetched to the website. For web marketing, SEO has been regarded as the best viable method. SEO is based on good content strategy and on-page tactics.

Off-Page SEO is important, but over the years it has lost the charm. Today off-page SEO technique like link building works perfectly, but a lot of modifications are introduced on this aspect of SEO. Traditional methods of link building will not work anymore. Today, link building is more focused on quality. You need to have quality contents for building backlinks. You need to have good quality websites for building the backlinks. Despite focusing on link building too much, it is important to focus on content strategy as well as on-page SEO. For an effective content strategy, you need to follow the things as discussed below.

Useful Content Strategy for SEO

For more effective and result oriented SEO campaign, you need to give priority to your website content. How to create better website content? Well, there are many ways to make website content more useful as well as SEO-friendly. Some of the basics are well known to us. For example, the content needs to be well informative as well as unique. The content should be poised with all necessary information that buyers need before purchasing any product online through your website. Last, but not the least, content should be highly relevant. However, apart from these basics, you need to follow a few more things. Those things are discussed below.

  1. Length of the Content

The most important thing is to judge the length of the content. Length is a crucial thing, as it can influence many things. Length of the content can influence its readability. In other words, the website content would be perfectly readable when it comes with the right length. Too long content is not loved by anyone. One should prefer short length contents. However, too short content is not good enough. Content should carry information, not misinformation. Everything should be relevant. When content is informative and relevant, it becomes readable even after having a long length. When your content length is long, you should make it lucid by adding picture or diagrams. You can get in touch with an SEO Company in SA for effective SEO strategies.

  1. Focus on the Keywords

For SEO, the keyword is the key thing. So, you need to focus on the keyword density if you want the content to be useful as well as SEO friendly. When search engine crawler visits your website, it checks the keyword density. It never prefers high keyword density. It checks whether the keywords are inserted naturally or not. If they are not inserted naturally, your website shall get a low ranking or grading. So, you have to be very careful about focusing on the keywords. Make sure that the keyword density is flawless.

  1. Unique Content for Article Marketing

Blogging and article marketing are still getting considered as effective ways for search engine optimisation. However, you have to get links from the third party websites carefully. There are a lot of third party websites. However, not all these websites are good. On the other hand, good websites do not accept low-quality contents. They always seek high-quality contents. They seek the contents that are written with perfection. The contents should be keyword rich, but keywords must be naturally included. The content should focus on information rather than focusing on selling some products or services.

  1. Attention Grabbing Titles

Your content will fetch you more exposure when it comes with an attention-grabbing title and top notch formatting. For article formatting, you need to add subheading and bullet marks. The subheadings should be relevant and attention-grabbing. Bullet marks should be added when important information has been shared with the readers. The articles, which will be used for article marketing or blogging, must have good quality titles.

Useful On-Page SEO Tips

Not just better content for website and link building process, you need some additional on-page SEO tips to make your SEO campaign even more effective. So, for your convenience here you can find some on-page SEO tips.

  • For on-page SEO, you need to focus on the website design and structure. The website should be designed by following the guidance of Google. Minimal website design and responsive website is a trend these days. A responsive website means the website which can be accessed from different devices.
  • Keyword density is the most important thing for the on-page SEO. You should focus on the keywords with precision. You should go for step by step process in checking up the keyword density. Make sure that your website is poised with important keywords that would play a vital role in search engine optimisation.
  • You need to add keywords on the H1, H2 and other header tags of the website. Using the keywords in the heading sections will make your website friendlier for the search engine.
  • Your website should not offer any misleading contents. It should be based on truthful information. Misleading website visitors could be harmful to the reputation of your business. Once a bad reputation is earned, you would suffer to gain back a good reputation.


At the conclusion note, it has to be stated that SEO has changed a lot these days. Today, more focus should be given on ethical SEO methods. The SEO campaign should be well planned. There should not be anything that can potentially mislead the people. Another important thing is to follow the guidelines of the search engine, especially Google. Following the guidelines of Google in website developing will fetch you excellent SEO results. Keeping all these factors in mind, you need to design your SEO campaign with perfection.

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