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8 Things You Should Never Do In Your Android Phone

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If you have purchased or having an Android smartphone, And want to know how to keep your phone safe and secure than you landed in the right place.If you follow the given below tips, it will be helpful for you to keep your smartphone condition right.

Let’s get started.

1. App Downloaded from Unsecured Source

You have purchased another phone, and you need the best apps accessible including the paid ones. Hunt in the play store instead of heading off to your computer and investing hours searching on google, to locate the privilege app you need. Google has no influence over such apps that you have downloaded.

This may get you troubles. It can hack into your smartphone and get all your details like your phone number, address. The much more awful case is, if you have set up payment details in that app, there is a possibility that your ledger may get hacked.

Play store is huge. There are more than 2 Million apps. Simply download from that. If you need a paid app, pay the cash and get the app. It is much improved than downloading the equivalent app from an unknown source. These apps won’t contain a similar code that will be available in the first app. The designer of that app can without much of a stretch monitor you, and this isn’t great.

2. Quit Killing the Recent Apps

I have seen numerous individuals doing this. After they are finished with their work, they just get caught up with clearing their recent apps that will keep running out of sight. They imagine that this will remove the smash space and along these lines, their smartphone will turn out to be quicker. Not a chance.

It doesn’t make your phone any smartphone. But, it hurts your phone. When you slaughter an app from memory, every one of the things that were loaded to run the app, when you originally opened the app, will be lost.

So when you open the equivalent app once more, your processor will be under load and to power the processor, your battery will likewise be under load. Your android is keen enough to clear the apps running out of sight without anyone else. If it recognizes that an application requires more memory, at that point, it automatically removes them for you.

3. Antivirus Software

This product does nothing more than trouble for your smartphones. They occupy storage space, and it guarantees you that it will clean all the garbage, memory and substantially more. Try not to get bulldozed by it. Android is keen enough to do all these independent from anyone else. It will clear any garbage, memory for you. A few people believe that it will enhance the security of your phone.

On computers, it is essential but no mobiles, it is smarter to avoid them. The more significant part of the free antivirus apps will have promotions in them. You frequently have that these apps meddle with your work process. When you are dealing with something essential, and a discourse box appears telling that your phone isn’t anchor. How irritating it can be! If you have an antivirus introduced on your phone go and uninstall it.

4. No Battery Savers

Everybody needs their battery to last throughout the day. So what an individual for the most part does is that they introduce some battery savers, believing that it will spare their battery. This will hurt your phone severely. Battery savers decrease your phone’s power consumption. It additionally murders apps for you.

Do you recollect what killing an app will cause? You will believe that the app does everything for me and recoveries the battery from draining. You will see that it works for some days and afterward it just quits working. Instead of downloading these apps utilize the inbuilt battery saver that your Android provides. It’s vastly improved.

5. Quit Installing Fake Apps

It would be ideal if you quit installing the apps that guarantee to bring a component into your phone that your smartphone doesn’t have. Like an X-beam scanner app. You realize that these apps don’t work. But still, you will introduce them and afterward delete it.

These apps will be loaded up with advertisements, and they appear regularly, consequently destroying your smartphone. Furthermore, these apps will, in general, be running out of sight constantly. Killing this app will likewise not work.

6. Clearing Cache Memory

It would be ideal if you quit installing any cleaner apps like Clean Master. I have utilized this app before and to be straight it only exacerbated my smartphone.

After you close an app, it will request that you clean the memory or it likewise says that the app has abandoned some garbage so perfect it. Before you do any of these activities, consider your phone once.

7. Trusting on Fake Apps

These apps are not created by a trusted source. Frequently they are produced by an outside designer. Furthermore, no one can tell what sort of code that he has utilized. The designer can without much of a stretch hack into your account from which you are sending messages to other people and after that in the wake of getting every one of the details he can show you out of the app. Or on the other hand, envision if the app was produced by a programmer. If it’s not too much trouble stop these.

8. Establishing Your Phone

Kindly don’t root your phone if you domino realize how to do it appropriately — there numerous recordings on YouTube that will tell the best way to root your smartphone. Just search for a decent video with more perspectives and look through the comments. Individuals would have remarked on whether the root worked or not and their assessments. App Permissions Let’s say you downloaded an app to improve your camera encounter. When you introduce them and open it, it will request that you give specific permissions to it. For instance, it will approach you for offering access to your camera like that. Don’t merely like “Permit” without perusing what permissions it is requesting.

Like it may ask access to your area administrations or your contacts and substantially more. Don’t you feel shaky utilizing such apps? Thoroughly consider every one of these things. If you think that your smartphone runs excellent with all these harmful apps, you can use them. But if you feel that it will make hurt your gadget, if you don’t mind quit using them.

9. Trusting on Fake Messages

You would some be able to fake manages that you get each day like the message that says – ” If you introduce this app you will get cash, and so on.” You need to overlook this kind of messages because these messages are just for limited time purposes.

You will get no cash as these messages make you trick and influence you to download some harmful apps for sent you to an unsecured website and so on.

10. Utilizing Public WiFi

Things never to do with the phone – Using Public WiFi

For the most part, the public WiFi is hazardous to utilize because the data you will share on the system can be unmistakable for anybody. You will unknowingly share your data to an unknown individual like your account number and password and so forth. Along these lines, next time know about utilizing public WiFi.


Protect your phone using above tips and in case if you are looking for Android 7 developer connect with AIS Technolabs.

Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow.

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