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Essential Aspects to Guard against Regular Google Updates

Essential Aspects to Guard against Regular Google Updates

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After the introduction of various latest technological infusions into the arena of computer application, Search engine optimization has started getting the most of its deserved exposure that has been subdued under and over the years. One of the most advanced technological aspects that have been considering the flux of the total SEO industry all over the world. The exact motive of the SEO industry is to get and provide the maximum exposure to the client organization and acquiring most of the traffic for the respective web pages. Therefore on adhering to certain techniques, better productivity can thus be arranged.

Ranking Intensity as Per the Authority

Efficient Authorship Prevents Regular Updates

Efficient Authorship Prevents Regular Updates

On certain cases it has been experienced that the higher page rankings are acquired by the top authorities having the influence and need to be on the top based on the certain criteria as like when dealing in the respective field of medical science, security, science and technology and many others alike.

Author Rank Need to Be Subjective

Rank of the author, based on the certain platform of quality, and quantity should be in the contention for getting the higher accreditation. The act of putting and engraving the names of the prominent author into the piece of written work may put some focus more than that of the writing of the commoner. So in accordance with the process of setting up the names via various social media and promotional tool may lead to offer some kind of security against the regular Google updates.
It is thing of consideration, as when the material and regular updates coming up is happening to be on the verge of containing high qualitative aspects, it is obvious that they demands to be on the top of the searched elements. This results in the high quality materials being rewarded as per the structural and contextual efficiency and the materials with poor qualitative being stuck up at the bottom, providing more security with the regular updates.

Authorship Should Be Protected Well

Authorship should be used as the protective shield, as when a writer is jotting down the article with mentioning his name on it; he is actually creating the niche for himself in the respective arena. With the high quality of the article and the writings, he is branding himself as the security for the rest of the materials that would be delivered consequently with the other aspects there on. This makes a statement of the security and protection on the behalf of the Google authority to bar updates from coming up against the quality material.


Though it is still very tough to speculate about the exact ranking and position of the articles on the basis of the quality alone, rather it takes some other consideration as like linking and establishing a creative bond with various social sites and other networks to keep the top position along with the search. It is much essential in the context of the mechanism of the entire search engine optimization process and acquiring the promotion and branding of the clients. Summary – Search engine optimization is most essential in the context of the functioning of the modern trade and business, which should be kept protected from regular Google updates.

Author’s Bio: Myke Thomas is a proficient author who writes articles on SEO services and several other related topics. These SEO Services are popular because they are affordable. He regularly contributes to the site

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