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Domain Name and Hosting

Domain Registration and Hosting

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A domain name is unique as it identifies an internet resource. It is used for identifying a website on the internet. To be able to launch a website, you need a domain name. The importance of a domain name cannot be emphasized enough. Beside identifying a website on the web, it can be used strategically for the promotion of the website. Website hosting companies can register your website for the internet,  here are some things to consider:

Registering and hosting a domain name

Domain name transfer – In many case a web hosting company will provide the possibility to transfer an existing domain name when changing service provider. This service is essential particularly if you already have a functioning website with good rating.

Availability – When choosing a domain name, it must be available. Domain names are unique for each websites.

Domain Name and Hosting

Registering Domain Name and Hosting

Normally when registering, a web hosting company will indicate whether a domain name is available or not

There are many website hosting companies and it’s a good idea to check out sites like web hosting Uk reviews. Finding and registering a domain name does not suffice. It is essential that a domain name has specific characteristics which will increase the chances for the website to be highly ranked and receive traffic.

Choosing a domain name

Some elements must be taken into consideration to choose a very good domain name such as:

  • Easy to communicate – The domain name must be simple and easy to remember. This helps potential customers to easily remember and find your website. Domain name must also be typed precisely. A domain name that is difficult to type or remember can be a turn-off for potential customers
  • Keyword relevance – Having an obvious name is advantageous. It can help in the keyword search on search engines. Your domain name must described as best as possible the content of your website.
  • Short, specific, and targeting the location – A domain name should be short. If the website focuses on a specific niche, a good idea is to include the keyword inside the domain name

If you are not able to think of a good domain name, there are websites that will generate domain names for you to choose depending on the input information provided. An online search for such site, it is possible to find a domain name suitable for your website and sometimes even with the possibility of registering it to the website service provider.

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