Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap

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Twister backstop is an effective tool which helps to develop web applications quickly and effectively. This tool kit is becoming very famous among youngsters because of its interesting features.  You can create applications at web tool. There is a long kit which you can try at twitter. You can use typography for buttons, forms, tables and other options.

  • Browser option

You can use the twitter bootstrap with modern explorers in mind like google, google chrome, internet explorer, safari, fire ox, and opera. So the user no need to worry about exploring with new explorers.


  • How to get twitter bootstrap

This so simple to get the bootstrap like anything. the users must download this file if they are interested to work with twitter bootstrap. There is no need to become the tech savvy. The user should download and unzip the file. The user would get the information about the most crucial files for getting started with twitter bootstrap.

Different ways to get bootstrap started

There are numerous ways to get started with bootstrap started. Mainly there two ways which are followed. The user can get started with twitter bootstrap while typing on their HTML page.

<Link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/twitter-bootstrap/twitter-bootstrap-v2/docs/assets/css/bootstrap.css”>

This is a simple method to just type the above mentioned link in the head section of HTML.

<Link rel=”stylesheet/less” href=”/path/to/bootstrap. less”>
<Script src=”/path/to/less. j’s”></script>

You may also use NetDNA’s Bootstrap CDN @

The above mentioned method is a bit faster to get the twitter bootstrap started quickly and without any interruptions.

  • Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial

Twitter bootstrap tutorial helps the new users how to get the best out of it.

  • Grid system

Grid system helps the user to know how to create your grid system using twitter bootstrap.The system supports 40px wide 12 column Grid by user default. The user can edit the size according to the requirement of the user. The size of the grids can be adjusted according to the requirement of the user very easily.

  • Variable layouts

There are variable layosuts. Layouts don’t remain constant. The user can use according to the requirement. There is are two types of layouts like fixed layouts and fluid layouts. Fixed layouts remain constant but fluid layouts can be altered as per the requirement of the user. The main motive of a Layout is that layouts teach to create templates easily as HTML.

  • Typography

The motive of the typography is quite clear from the typography. The typography section shows you how to make, lines, paragraphs and other typing material.

  • Tables

This option would help to know that how to create tables using various options forcreating, saving and executing the tabular data.

  • Forms option

Forms option can help you to learn how to make stylish forms to make your website look beautiful. You can use various tools like a radio button, textbox and much more. There are numerous options to make your HTML page stylish.

  • Navigation system

You can include the latest navigation system on your HTML page.

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