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How Can You Increase Web Traffic Through Instagram?

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Increase Web Traffic Through InstagramFrom the traffic point of view, Instagram is gaining its popularity day by day. If you want to increase traffic in your website, you must open an account through Instagram. Your brands will surely get connected to various users throughout the world.

Tell Your Visual Story: 

Through Instagram, you can tell a story of your products or services with the help of the visual content. Your target audience must be conveyed with the right message through your Instagram account. You are required to think strategically for making the best use of this social media platform. For your search engine optimization activities, Instagram can play a very important role as your marketing tool.

High Quality Images:

High quality images must be shared through Instagram for increasing the traffic. There are various in-built photo editing apps which can help you in the editing process. If you can use Photoshop, you can provide excellent effects which can be shared through Instagram.

Use Hash Tags To Make Your Job Easy: 

easyinsta-book2Among the many powerful marketing tools, hash tags can be used for attracting a huge traffic. Search hash tags can be used for finding out the people who are actually looking for you. This process will help you in choosing the people who can act as influencers within the industry. If you have created a custom hash tag, it will be easier for you to organize, track or promote your content. Usage of excessive hash tags can provide a negative impact in your marketing process.

Beg Or Steal Info graphics: 

You need not create your own info graphics. You can beg or steal them from others. Yes, you can lift info graphics from other articles and can use them in your own. For increasing the Instagram likes, you can definitely use info graphics in this way. Sometimes, it is observed that your article with that info graphics is becoming more viral than the original one.

Break The Obstruction: 

The barriers of your platform must be broken. As Instagram can be connected with Facebook and other social media platforms, it can share the photos to each and every social media platform. If your account mainly focuses on the photos of the products, you can embed the Instagram feeds within your website.  This can provide you with the maximum exposure as you have expected.

Engage Yourself To Your Heart’s Content: 

Try to engage people both in off page and in on page. Within the popular photos, the audience can ‘like or comment’ and you can also gain new followers. You can include interesting questions that can raise comments. Make sure that you reply to every comment. You can also run campaigns for hash tag with your followers and can make them featured in your photos.

Nurture Your Following:

ebookm-3You just cannot sit back and relax after gaining a huge number of followers. You are required to nurture the following. For finding the relevant users within your niche, you can use the hash tags. You can follow the influencers and other brands for extending your reach. Before you start following people and want them to follow back, make sure that your account possesses at least 5 good quality pictures.

For your hard efforts, the social media can provide you with great rewards. You are required to understand with whom and where to engage with. Try to keep in mind, that your visual content must be engaging and appealing in nature. All the photo editing and filtering tools can help you in sharing the attractive pictures. For establishing your brand identity, Instagram can be considered as a great weapon.

Author Bio:  Evans walsh is a social media expert. In this article, he is providing tips for increasing the Instagram likes and the web traffic with the help of the Instagram.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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