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What Digital Signage Trends are we expected to see in 2017

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digital-signageDigital signage is a relatively new marketing method, which explains why it is always evolving. Understanding the trends to expect in 2017 will make you better prepared in the increasingly competitive digital signage space.

1. Increased Interactivity

Digital signage is popular with viewers because it is interactive. With the emergence of new technologies that make interactions even easier, this trend is expected to continue. One example of this is the increased uptake of Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled beacons and other beacons to detect proximity of viewers (who have the app installed and broadcast their identity). With such technology and facial recognition software, you are likely to soon walk into a store and be greeted by your name, age, and gender on the screen.

There is expected growth in interactive projectors and touchscreens. The trend is moving towards customers playing simple games, navigating digital catalogs, and much more. It is also expected that interactivity will play a major role in way-finding stations.

Through Bluetooth technology, viewers will be able to interact with what they see on the screen using their smartphones. Interaction with SMS messaging will enable users to post messages on displays. Network technologies that integrate location-based media and social media interactivity will enable users to upload messages and photos to social media sites and text messages to displays.

 2. Increased use of social media

By 2016, 74% of all American adults were on the Internet and 81% of SMEs were using at least 1 social media channel. This trend is expected to grow and you should take advantage of it by incorporating social media with digital signage.

Macy’s, through its Magic Fitting Room campaign, is a good example of how to marry the two technologies. Shoppers could use touchscreen mirrors to pick clothing and the clothing could be superimposed over their image. They could then share this outfit on social media.

3. Attention bias and ad-blockers

As digital signage and digital signage templates mature, it is anticipated that advertisers will start focusing on improving user experience to improve not just the quantity, but also the quality of the visitors. There will be a move towards respect of personal space by avoiding in-your-face marketing using such methods as blocking unnecessary ads, all with the aim of improving attention.

4. A rich omni-channel presence

There is a trend towards omni-channel presence and Dominos, Barnes, Noble, and Macy’s are reaping big from this. An omni-channel presence allows for better customer experience since customers can get what they want, how they want it, and the way they want it. To achieve this, you can have interactive touch screens where customers can find products, watch videos, read reviews, find related products, get pricing info, and get other relevant info.

5. Increased use of big data

With increased availability of data mining, management, and translation tools, there’s a trend towards using big data to improve customer experience and sales. You can now use sophisticated interactive software to understand user interests, behavior, patterns, and loyalty.

6. Increased use of video

Video killed radio, and it is doing it again, but this time to print. Millennials are using YouTube more than any other channel to find info, making video an important component of any marketing campaign. The trend is moving towards self-educating, video-driven content viewed on touch screens.

Another trend expected to gain momentum is growth in use of 3D screens, with users expected to either wear 3D glasses or not, depending on the technology. You should always remember that content is still king, even in digital signage.

Author Bio:

Bill Williams is well versed in current and future digital signage trends. He offers digital signage services from customizing digital signage templates to content creation. He also offers other branding services like SEO, PPC and SMM. Visit this website https://www.dopublicity.com/ for more information.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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