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6 Awesome Tips To Make WordPress Blogging Easy

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Are you converting HTML to WordPress to start a blog? Then you must know how to make WordPress blogging easy. The CMS started off as a blogging platform before evolving into a comprehensive web development solution. It still remains the first choice of people looking to create a content-intensive website. However, blogging is not only about composing great text and write-ups need to be enhanced with images. Moreover, bloggers need to take steps to increase their readership and leverage other platforms like social media. All these additional responsibilities can increase their load and affect their productivity. In this article, we are discussing tips which will make the process even easier.

1. Select A Simple Theme

Bloggers must use a layout with minimal distractions for the readers. A lot of people use designs with complex features and visual elements. This can shift the focus away from the content and also complicate the publishing process. Choosing a simple theme will help in creating an interface which does not shift the emphasis from the content. There are various templates which have been created specifically for blogs and content-rich interfaces. These layouts help in the creation of attractive websites without moving the spotlight away from the content.

2. Use Shortcodes Carefully

Shortcodes are a handy feature of the open source platform which enable users to add features or formatting conveniently. However, you must be careful while using shortcodes as most of them are not a part of the core files. Many of these code bits are built for adding specific functionality to a particular theme. In case, you use such programs and switch templates, then all your posts will be filled with empty shortcodes. It is, therefore, advised to use plugins for adding these small codes. This will help in formatting the text without any hassles.

3. Make The Image Modification Process Efficient

Visually attractive write-ups are vital for boosting user engagement. Innovative elements like graphs help in explaining complex textual content easily. However, modifying pictures or creating graphs can be a time-consuming process which can affect a writer’s productivity. There are various solutions that can be used to make the image modification process more efficient. You can use online services like Canva which help in creating featured images, infographics, etc. People who use stock images extensively can employ plugins which give access to stock photo libraries. Adding images can also bloat your website and impact its loading speed. This problem can be avoided by using plugins which automatically resize and optimize all images.

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4. Use Tools For Distraction Free Writing

We are now going to discuss a simple trick which will make WordPress blogging easy. Writers need to concentrate hard in order to create readable and engaging material. The WordPress editor has a feature which lets you activate the distraction free mode. Go to the toolbar on top of the editor and click the link in the top right. This will make the control panels on both sides vanish once you start typing. You can also use a keyboard shortcut- Alt + Shift + G to activate this mode. There are various dedicated writing applications that can be used for composing text effortlessly. These apps can be downloaded onto the system and all the material created with them can be exported directly to WordPress.

5. Automatically Suggest Related Posts To Visitors

Blog owners want their visitors to stay longer and read as much content as possible. A strategy that is commonly used to boost user engagement is suggesting related posts. It involves recommending additional material to people based on the write-up they finished reading. This feature can be easily added by using plugins built specifically for the purpose. Once activated, these tools will automatically suggest more relevant content to readers. If you are using the Jetpack plugin you do not need to install a dedicated solution. Jetpack has a module for related posts which you need to activate to turn on the feature on your interface.

6. Reduce Time Spent In Creating E-mail Newsletters

Website owners use e-mail newsletters to interact with their audience and boost their engagement. Notifying them about any fresh material which they will be interested in can encourage people to revisit the interface. However, composing an e-mail every time a new post is published can consume a lot of time. This can be avoided by using a couple of tricks. The first is to send all new posts to a newsletter through RSS. All major e-mail marketing solutions have a feature called RSS to draft which identify new posts automatically. You can then check them and send them to the subscribers. The other trick is to create a custom page template with defined sections for different types of content. All the posts which fulfill specified conditions will be added to the different sections. The newsletter can then be pasted into an e-mail and sent to the readers.


These are some simple tips which when practiced can help make WordPress blogging easy. They will reduce the time spent on completing different activities and improve the productivity of the blog owner.

Brandan Graves has been serving as an experienced WordPress developer at HireWpGeeks Ltd - a leading Company for Hire WordPress Developer with a global reach. He is a passionate writer and she loves to share useful information regarding WordPress.

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