Review of OFF MODE Android App

Android Smartphone has lot of exciting features and many apps to encourage new life style. This is the blog about OFF MODE application, which is the best app to block your calls while busy. If you’re Smartphone disturbs you in a meeting/workplace or, while driving OFF Mode might be the best solution for you.

off mode

OFF MODE App Description: –

This is the app for your android device specifically developed to block notifications temporarily from appearing on your device screen ensuring safer drive and less distraction in busy time.

  • Enable the software when you are busy (driving, in meeting, busy at work/homework, at school and watching movies).
  • Once you choose your specific option, it automatically rejects calls and messages. You are also provided with the option for automated message response. If anyone calls you in that time period the app will notify the person that you are busy with something or driving.
  • How long you want be in off mode you can also choose that. That means if you are in a meeting and it will continue up some hour. Then set the timer and you won’t get any notification during that time.
  • To get notifications deactivate it you will get your missed calls and messages.
  • Apart from that for safe driving there is ‘certified mode’, which ensures that u are not doing any outgoing activity that time.


  • It blocks incoming texts and calls.
  • Generates automated response to notify the caller that you are busy.
  • Also keeps record of all incoming calls and messages.
  • While driving, it ensures that you are not doing any outgoing activity.
  • Includes Facebook log in to access certified mode and automated response.
  • This amazing is accessible to you without any cost.

So install OFF MODE in your device to ensure safer drive, more personal business meetings and professional integration.


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