Most Frequent Factors Affecting Usability in Web Design

Web  Usability means the number of visitors who get the opportunity to interact with a website.  Website which has  good usability, allows easy and quick access to the website. Such websites are basically designed to keep the visitor’s interest in mind so that they are eventually appreciated well in the market.

So why is the website’s usability so important? – Majority of websites in the world of internet do not have good usability, resulting in a difficult situation for internet users to find it difficult to get the results of what they are looking for in the world of web. Since, there are millions of websites available on internet, the users are impatient enough to wait for a website which can give them the immediate results to what they are looking for – that is the good usability of a good web design.

Factors affecting the usability in Web Design


Most Frequent Factors Affecting Usability in Web Design

While designing your website, here are some of the important factors that you must look at to get a professional touch to your website. In order to have a good design, the website needs to be very simple in it’s design, structure and accessibility to be used by the users.

The objective of designing a website should be determined from before hand and the tools of designing a website should be centered around those principles or objectives. This makes it clear for the designer to achieve what he is looking for or what he intends to provide it to the users in the world of internet.

Place yourself in the shoes of the visitor and think accordingly, while designing the website. It will create a situation in your mind where you will be looking out for those essential features present in a website which makes searching easier and accessible to a number of visitors from across the globe. The task is to create a platform where the website has relevant information, organized categories and updated features from time to time, so that the visitors can keep visiting the website.

The navigation feature of the website should help the visitors get a good direction of the website. It will help them know where they are and what website they are on. By showing the company or domain name throughout. Do not make all the information visible on the main page of the website. It looks complex and does not serve the purpose of browsing through the entire feature of the website. Make it user-friendly – good formatting and navigation can give good usability to the designed website.

Tex-based site map features are also important to have good usability on the webpage. A link to the site based text map can be posted on the main page of the website. Site map allows users to find their way in the website so that they do not get lost and can ultimately enjoy surfing the varied range of information that a website seeks to provide to the users.

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