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How To Make Your Business Standout

5 Tips That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

How To Make Your Business Standout

Are you sick and tired of being neck in neck with tons of business like yours?

Odds are that you are reading this because you own a business and would love to know just how to excel past your competitors.

It’s quite unfortunate that a lot of business around the country seems to be a perfect reflection of one another. Nothing ever seems to distinguish them and yet these same business owners are marveled at the fact that business isn’t moving.

I once heard a saying that goes something like: “if you are starting up a business, always remember that there are thousands of people either on that same business or starting it also”.

And it’s the truth!

But surely there has to be a way you could single yourself out from that crowd you find yourself in. And luckily for you, we are about to check them out…

Let’s dive in…

Deliver Specific Services

So I once saw a short commercial on a gym that ended with “We specialize in all types of fitness program” boldly written. That seemed really nice, right? They specialize in everything. 

Till the true meaning of specializing hit me like a brick. How do you specialize in a variety of things? Surely it’s hard to believe the gym covers every fitness program such as Yoga, Calisthenics, Crossfit, Couch to 5K and lots more. Wait doesn’t specialize mean being focused on a particular field or object?

And even if they did cover all of those, it’s hard to believe they can do any of those things well. Let’s imagine the end of the commercial had a bold “We Specialize on Bodybuilding”, then Ahah! I  know exactly what they can do.

Where am I going with this?

Sadly lots of business fall into this good looking trap. Thinking a good way to make their business seem attractive is by tagging every form of service under it. 

A good step you could take would be to make your services more specific. Don’t just make it seem like you can do everything. 

Let’s say you own a salon, one amongst 6 in your area. A good step would be to label your shop as one that specializes in a particular cut. That way everyone knows you are the best when it comes to that cut. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make other cuts. But you acknowledge the fact that you are perfect in one.

It’s a no-brainer once you think of it. So why not apply it to your business and watch it stand out.


Listen To Your Customers

The only way you’d be able to greatly stand out from your competitors is if you are able to provide exactly what your customers need. And how can you do that? Simply by communicating, 

You aren’t a mind reader who can decide and know exactly what exactly your customers want. Conduct a survey if you have to. Let them know your willingness to serve and believe me you’ll be eating out of their pocket in no time.

People tend to acknowledge businesses that care about their opinions. And unfortunately, most businesses rely solely on their analyses rather than the voice of their customers.

If you are one of them then you know what you have to do now. Communicate! If you own a blog, reach out through social media platforms and newsletters. Don’t just showcase your latest product or service.

Ask about what they think about the current one.


Surprise Your Customers


It goes without saying that everyone loves surprises and if you can deliver one to your customers they’ll surely come back. Here’s an example, I once heard a story of a woman who was trying out a dress she was about buying in a Boutique. Shortly she noticed a piece of paper in the right pocket and decided to take a look at what was written in it.

Boldly written in the paper was “You Are A Goddess” You can imagine how shocked and delighted she was to see that inside the dress. She bought it and was very pleased with the store owner.

She later went on to spread the news and am sure you’ll get the store’s name if you do a little digging. The point here is to do the unexpected. That is what really makes you stand out. Even if it means losing a little money, it’ll be to your best advantage. 

A good example was when jumia began offering free delivery after making sales that exceed a small amount. How brilliant! Who won’t love to cut down on that extra delivery cost? Customers could even other stuff they don’t really need at that point due to the perk they delivered.

So why not get creative and look for a means you could surprise your customers also. You’ll be making yourself a magnet by being totally unique.

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Be Honest

When it comes to business, only a few amounts of people are honest. No one really delivers the service they claim to. And even if they did they’d never admit to some faults which lay within that service or product.

And that is one thing that can really piss off your customers. Things like this will eventually lead to getting bad reviews on your business and what’s worse is if it gets on social media. If you sell products, be sure you make all the pros and cons of that product. 

That way your customers know what to expect at a particular point in using those products. For instance, I have seen lots of sites trying to sell products by making them seem incredible in the descriptions. Below those descriptions, however, lays tons of false and abusive comments.

People want to get stuff from a business they can trust not those that function like a con artist. Make every detail crystal clear. Whether it is the product availability, your time of rendering service or cost of service given. Do not exaggerate.


Be Creative

If there is one thing that rules this world, it’s ideas. Everyone wants something new, out of the ordinary, extra-ordinary even. No one wants to settle for normal. Not you, not me, not anyone. Being creative in your line of business is what generates that uniqueness you seek.

The only reason I’ll leave my area of comfort and come to patronize your business is that you have something or perhaps offer a service unlike others around me. And that is simply the secret most successful businesses have. They all thought outside the box. 

You should too and in no time you’ll find yourself in where you always dreamt to be.


In a nutshell, you don’t need to be like everyone or possess the power of everyone to be unique. Rather be you, specialize in an area you know you rule in and let the world know…

You really don’t have anything to lose and even if you lose a few, it would totally be worth it because you’d end up sweeping your competitors under the carpet.

So don’t just sit there, get up and begin taking these steps. You could even come to thank me later.


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