A Review of Windows 10 after 2019 Updates

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Microsoft released its Windows 10 updates in May 2019. What you get are more reliable, efficient, and secure features. You avoid the frustration of dealing with a slow computer and get to save a lot of time. You find continuous prompts to update your computer, which is an excellent feature because you get better efficiency. Best of all, the updates are free, so running them will not make a dent in your budget

Some of the benefits include improvements on the start menu, the Cortana and the Action center is more useful. There is an improvement on Edge, Windows Hello, and timeline. Some features like the Windows 10 S mode will only allow for the installation of Microsoft apps.

Let’s explore some of the improvements below.


  1. Voice Assistance With Cortana

Cortana works very much like Apple’s Siri. You only need to give your search command, and it will kick into action. It will even allow you to search through files, open programs, or get specific photos.   You, therefore, have more convenience at your fingertips.


  1. Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer has fallen behind when it comes to web browsers. Some of its competitors have better features which have seen people opt for other browsers.  Microsoft now has the Edge, which will give you a new browsing experience. Anytime you log into the Microsoft account on any device, you can find your annotated web pages. The reading mode will get rid of any ads that accompany many online articles.

  1. Virtual Desktop-Screens

Most people are guilty of opening too many tabs when they’re working on their laptop or computer. It becomes challenging to access what you need. Due to the clutter, the other option was to have several monitors anytime you needed multiple tabs. But now Microsoft Windows 10 allows for Virtual screens which give you the feeling that you are looking at separate monitors. It is as simple as clicking the plus icon on the task view on the taskbar.


  1. App Integrations

Do you know how a picture can look one way on your laptop but have a totally different look on your smart device? With the Windows 10 updates, you do not have to worry about that. You will see the same layout on your smart device as the one you see on your laptop.


  1. Start Menu Updates

You’ll find many options on the start menu that will help you navigate your computer faster. You can pin the apps you use a lot, thereby making it easier for you to access them. You’ll see tiles highlighting the different applications. Receive updates or information without opening a tile by making it bigger.


 Final Thoughts

The windows ten updates will make your computer so much easier to use. You find exciting features like Cortana, the virtual desktop screens, app integrations, among others.  The interface is easy-to-use and quite straight forward. So go ahead, make sure you run the updates so that you can get the maximum benefits.


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