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Sharing Files

Choosing a business file sharing service

Having the ability to securely share files with your clients and employees is vital. For businesses that need to monitor changes in documents, choosing a file sharing service is an important decision. Common concerns include security, and reliability – will your data be compromised? Will you have access to your files when you need them?

If multiple editors need to collaborate and quickly compare and revise documents, the ideal is to find a solution that is intuitive, easy to install, and can integrate into existing systems.

As applications become more sophisticated, they have evolved to offer more than just shared access, focusing on improvements such as removing file size limitations, and increasing security measures. For example, Professional 8 allows users to strip away hidden metadata before documents are converted to PDF, or attached to an email.

When looking at the benefits of a file sharing service, secure file transfer is an attractive component. This ensures that all documents are encrypted, and that data is safe when sent. Many file-sharing tools just aren’t up to speed with issues such as of secure file sending or when you intend to remove metadata from word.

Sharing Files

Sharing Files

New technologies allow some products to analyse and compare scanned documents, as well as neat features like being able to compare excel tables, and group changes into categories, or compare multiple versions of a document.

An all in one service can act as a cleaner, a secure file transfer application, and a document management tool, replacing existing software. A feature that enables sharing documents too large for email will eliminate the need for an outlook add-on.

Consider how many types of file formats the service supports, and what features are important. A good business file sharing service will use up to date technology, and create a safe and secure environment inside and out of the corporate firewall.

It will transform email attachments with sensitive data into secure encrypted links, and provide an easy to manage ecosystem that allows files to be drag and dropped, and synced across devices. An effective service allows users to easily track changes and have complete control over who can access company files.

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