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10 Reasons Why a Professional Website SEO Audit Is Important for Your Business

When it comes to digital marketing, a website audit is one of the key things that can provide a detailed overview and insight into the current standing of your business website. A website analysis usually covers important components such as site architecture, backlink analysis, social media engagement, content-related issues, and much more. Understanding all these components and how they work is crucial in identifying the potential strengths and weaknesses that a website has in the natural search. Read on to know the benefits of having a website audit for your business.

Determine SEO foundation

One of the reasons why your website should get a detailed website audit is the addition of keyword analysis. Key phrases and keywords are the heart of SEO. Whether you are creating a website, writing blog posts, or sharing videos on YouTube, keywords are important for any SEO campaign. When you have the right keywords, then your webpages will appear first when potential clients are looking for your specific services or products on search engines. Research shows that 56% of websites today lack on-page keyword information. However, keyword information is important because it communicates the contents of your website to the search engines. Other areas of the website audit will determine whether this information is there on your website or not. A keyword analysis will inform you of the terms that you must have on your web pages in order to communicate better with the search engines. The right keywords will be the ultimate foundation for all your SEO efforts.

Know what to include in your current SEO strategy

When a professional technical SEO audit is carried out correctly, it will disclose a detailed Google SEO checklist that can help you to rank higher in the search engines such as Google. In addition, you will have a detailed report that shows all the things that must be included in your current SEO strategy, for example, adding meta descriptions, writing engaging and compelling content, adding your keywords into your content more creatively, actions that will make your website more mobile-friendly and make your website load faster, and much more. With all these in mind, you will know what to include in your current SEO strategy to boost the overall outcome.

Ensure that all your SEO efforts yield the desired results

Research has proven that most small and mid-sized company websites cannot be found in an organic online search. This is the reason why many business owners search for SEO services to guarantee the success of their campaigns. The right SEO strategies can enable your web pages to rank higher on the SERPs, and this will make your website to be more visible to prospective customers. However, for the search engine to rank the pages of your website, their bots or crawlers must find and then crawl your website. This is why you must ensure that no faulty code is blocking these crawlers from finding your website. You must also be confident that the URL structure can communicate effectively with the bots. In addition, your website architecture and structure should be SEO-friendly. All these things can only be determined through an extensive back-end check. With all these factors in mind, you will be confident that you are not wasting money by optimizing a website that is faulty.

Determine what your direct competitors are doing better

In this age of high competition, it is more likely that businesses have several direct competitors that are performing extremely well in the major search engines and getting better results. Performing a comprehensive website SEO audit is the only way that you can spy on your competitors and determine what they are doing better in order to get higher ranking in the search engine results pages or SERPS. With a timely and professionally performed website analysis, you can uncover and evaluate the activities behind the success of your competition. With a website analysis, you will get better ideas and suggestions that will help you make significant changes in all your SEO campaigns, which will help you stand out from all your competitors.

Boost email and phone inquiries

Apart from your website, clients need to connect with your business through email and phone inquiries. A website analyzer will determine whether the contact information on your website is strategically placed for it to be seen by visitors. Research confirms that a staggering 60% of business websites have no phone number on their homepage, and this may be the reason why your clients are not calling you. Apart from phone contact, 74.7% of businesses have no email contact link on their homepages. In addition, another 65.7% lack a contact form that clients can use to request for information. A thorough website audit will look at all your web pages and look for contact information. The audit report will give detailed information and recommendations on where you need to put your contact information so that all your prospects can spot it immediately and inquire about your services and products through email or phone.

Determine any weaknesses in your SEO strategy

A website audit involves a comprehensive analysis of your site and it clearly outlines the weaknesses in the overall structure of your website and your current SEO strategy. A website analysis is important, especially for business sites that are run by the business owners themselves and not professional hands. There may be some weaknesses in your SEO and website structures that you may not even know exist. For example, if your competitors are doing well online because of using a lot of high-quality backlinks, then you would be making a mistake if you focus on other SEO strategies instead of link building. With an SEO audit, you will know how many links you need to build for your site in order to beat your competition and get to the top of the search engine results pages.

Meet the expected online speed of customers

Internet users expect a webpage to load in about two seconds or even less. When your business website fails to meet this expected speed, your clients will naturally be disappointed. As a result, they will opt out of your website and look for your competitors instead, and this can end up costing you a lot of business. The page load speed of a website is crucial for the success of your organization, and a website audit will help to determine the exact thing that is preventing your web pages from loading quickly and meeting the set two-second expectation. This will ensure that any hindrances are eliminated so that your site loads faster.

Search engine algorithms change

One of the most crucial jobs of SEO auditors is to stay updated with the search engines as they alter their algorithms. Search engines will change algorithms often to offer better search results for internet users. When you carry out a website audit, you can make changes on your site accordingly. By carrying out the regular website and search engine optimization audits, you will ensure that none of these important updates fall through the cracks.

Ensure that your website is always up to date

Unless you carry out regular content audits, there is a probability that there is content or information on your website that is inaccurate or outdated. There is definitely some content that is not getting traffic, and you can detect this quickly when you perform a professional audit. Fresh website content is crucial for search engine optimization. By carrying out audits quarterly, you will objectively determine whether you are keeping your business content up to date and fresh. Your information can get old within no time, and may not be relevant to your customers or online visitors. This is why you need to keep evaluating and updating your site’s information. Apart from identifying the specific content that is tanking, an audit will give you an opportunity to determine the content that your audiences are attracted to, and it drives more traffic to your website.

Makes your data more manageable

One of the essential benefits of a website audit is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to sit down and closely look at all your website data and metrics. However, if you wait for too long or do not carry out an audit, then you may never be able to access some of this website data. In addition, you may find it challenging to break the data that you can access into useful and manageable information. For example, website audit tools such as the Google Webmaster Tool offers you a lot of data on vital SEO insights on your business website. The fact is that you are only able to view the data for three months. This means that if you have not done any website audit for the last one year, then the three months worth of data that you check out will not be as useful, informative, and effective as it would have been if you were regularly checking, extracting, and even reporting.

After a comprehensive website analysis and evaluation, a detailed report is usually generated, giving the details of any issues present, and a list of recommendations that can help to guarantee the success of your site. The report will include several important factors and will comprise of off-site and on-site problems that will form the basis of a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy. Make sure that you hire the right digital marketing agency for you to reap the benefits of a comprehensive website audit.

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